Crimson Couture: 15 Celebrity Red Dresses That Stole the Show

Image credit: Legion-Media

Red carpet has never been this sizzling!

Supermodel Cindy Crawford wore the Versace dress at the 1991 Academy Awards, where she appeared with her boyfriend Richard Gere.

The plunging neckline coupled with the chili-pepper red was a killer combo! According to a poll conducted by the Debenhams department store chain, the model's outfit ranks tenth most memorable dress in the last 50 years.

Julia Roberts' iconic Pretty Woman red gown is surprisingly similar to Crawford's: it's a full-length dress with a low neckline that's also enhanced with off-the-shoulder straps.

The attire is complemented with high gloves and a rented necklace, which make Roberts' ex–sex worker character look like a regular opera goer.

Natalia Vodianova chooses red attire for all events of her Naked Heart Foundation.

We can spend hours admiring the outfits the model wears at her charity balls, but the red dress certainly is our favorite.

In the movie poster for the 2016 biographical drama Jackie, Natalie Portman wears a copy of Jacqueline Kennedy's iconic red suit.

Indeed, the most fashionable first lady was never afraid of this powerful color: red attire looked great against her tanned skinned, dark hair, and expressive eyes. The famous flannel outfit is matched with shoes of the same color.

At the 2007 Oscars, Nicole Kidman presented one of the most magnificent red dresses in history: the long Balenciaga gown with a bow on the neck running down to form a sort of a train behind the actress.

The dress was very similar in style to Cristóbal Balenciaga's original designs and is very different to what the brand's doing now.

The public was stunned by Madonna's spectacular corset by Jean Paul Gaultier, and throughout the 1990s, the singer continued to experiment with her style.

She tried out Asian motifs, and some of the looks were particularly impressive — such as the dynamic red dress with voluminous sleeves.

In 2009, Dolce & Gabbana wowed the world with another mind-blowing red gown — looking both feminine and spectacular on Anna Dello Russo, the brand's devoted fan.

Since the release of Who Framed Roger Rabbit in 1988, Jessica Rabbit's red dress has fired up the imagination of both men and women.

Today, we can often see the strapless red gown with a leg slit at costume parties.

The intricate neckline of Sharon Stone's red number at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival revealed much of the star's back and ribs — as well as a bit of her side boob.

The overall impression was quite racy, especially with the thigh-high cut opening the star's beautiful leg. Heavy wrist jewelry, a gold clutch, and metallic shoes added to the splendor of Shone's look.

Among the many costumes Marilyn Monroe wore in the 1953 film-noir thriller Niagara, there was a reddish pink dress that has become a classic since the film's release.

The top of the tight-fitting gown was tied in a bow, revealing a bit of skin at the actress' chest: the dress appears quite seductive without being vulgar.

By the way, Monroe's another historic outfit is the red dress she wears in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes — floor-long, embellished with sequins, and featuring an impressively sexy neckline and thigh cut.

Scarlet dresses look amazing on Dakota Johnson (girls with a similar body type should definitely take note of the color).

We spent hours looking for the best example and finally settled on Johnson's stunning red number with an asymmetrical neckline.

Now to more unconventional looks: here's the red attire Lady Gaga had on in 2009 as she received the MTV Video Music Awards for Best New Artist.

Photographs of the young star wearing the red dress quickly went viral on the Internet and stirred plenty of discussion.

Another controversial look was that of 40-year-old catwalk star Kate Moss as she headed to Mario Testino's birthday party in a translucent red dress with a leopard-print bodysuit showing up from underneath.

That's a fashion stunt only Moss could pull off!

For the last red-hot item on our list, let's recall one of the memorable looks from the iconic TV series Sex and the City: when Carrie Bradshaw learned her love interest Mr. Big was leaving for Paris, she imitated the "Paris style" through a combination of a typical American sundress and a beret — the biggest cliché of French fashion.

In her battle for love, Carrie was defeated — but in the domain of fashion, the New York journalist has remained unbeatable.