Claim to Fame Fans Already Figured Out Season 2 Winner (It's Monay, Duh)

Claim to Fame Fans Already Figured Out Season 2 Winner (It's Monay, Duh)
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If nobody can guess it, then she’s got this in the bag.

For the most part, contestants entering any kind of reality competition all have a pretty equal chance of winning. As the show goes on, the weaker, or simply unlucky contestants are eliminated, and the rest continue until the winner is crowned. Up until the end, it’s anybody’s game, which keeps it interesting.

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case for the contestants of Claim to Fame season 2, as fans think that there is already a very obvious winner. Many fans watching the current season have their money on Monay to win, with one big factor in her favor.

Caution, Spoilers ahead for Claim to Fame season 2!

Claim to Fame is a reality competition series in which contestants with famous relatives are brought together, and have to figure out each person’s famous family member. Once a contestant’s relative is correctly guessed, they are eliminated.

Unfortunately for contestants, the more famous their relatives, the more likely they are to be eliminated. Season 1 of the show featured Zendaya's brother, Chuck Norris’ grandson and Cindy Crawford’s niece. With enough clues, these celebrities were easy to guess and tie to their relatives.

Luckily for season 2’s Monay, although many clues have been given, her fellow contestants cannot name her famous relative, because his name is not as well known as others. Season 2 contestants Shayne and Carly have already been outed as the daughter of Eddie Murphy and niece of Tom Hanks respectively. With links to stars with such big names, Shayne and Carly stood little chance.

It has been revealed that Monay’s relative has been on Saturday Night Live and Curb Your Enthusiasm, but her fellow contestants are drawing blanks. At first, they thought she may be Steve Harvey’s daughter, but this was incorrect. With the clues given, many viewers are agreeing on a new name: J.B. Smoove.

If you haven’t heard of J.B. Smoove, you’re not alone.

Jerry Angelo Brooks, who goes by stage name J.B Smoove is an American actor, comedian and writer, who was most known for his work in the early 2000s. He is still very well known but amongst an older audience.

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Fellow Claim to Fame contestants may recognise his face, but that means nothing when they have to come up with his name, which seems like an impossible task for the current Claim to Fame contestants.

Unless someone has a lightbulb moment very soon, Monay is on track to take home the win, by default of sorts as her relative’s name is not known to the younger generation.