Child Actor Still Getting Money for Titanic Role 26 Years Later

Child Actor Still Getting Money for Titanic Role 26 Years Later
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One of Titanic's youngest actors admits they still receive royalties to this day.

Few actors can accurately predict which roles will likely keep them earning money in the long run. And for Reece Thompson, a former child actor who made a fleeting appearance in the 1997 blockbuster Titanic, he especially never expected that he would still be getting paid for it 26 years after the film's release.

Now the child star has announced just how lucrative the movie has been for him.

Who did Reeсe Thompson portray in the 1997 movie?

Reeсe Thompson may have only appeared briefly in James Cameron's Titanic; nevertheless, his role left a memorable impact on the film. Only five years old at the time, Thompson portrayed the young Irish boy on the ship. Although he wasn't on screen for long, his part was one of the most heart-wrenching scenes of the movie, where his character's family was prohibited from boarding a lifeboat as third-class passengers. His poignant line, 'What are we doing mummy?' followed by his mother's response, demonstrated the unsettling class system that was highlighted throughout the movie.

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How much has Thompson received since in royalties?

Over 25 years after the release of Titanic, Thompson has recently revealed in an interview with Studio10 that he surprisingly still receives royalty cheques for his brief role in the film. Although he admitted he hasn't cashed any of the cheques recently due to a change of address, he assumes they are still steadily delivered. The ongoing royalties have been an unexpected and interesting source of income for the former actor, especially considering his limited time on screen. While he did not disclose the amount he has earned from the payments since the film's release, the fact he continues to receive any payments at all is quite remarkable.

What does Thompson now think of his appearance in Titanic?

Now a digital marketing director in Utah, the child actor finds it intriguing that people still associate him with his Titanic role at all, even after all these years. Reflecting on his previous casting, Thompson revealed an interesting tidbit, announcing that he isn't, in fact, Irish. Before his role in Titanic, Thompson stated that he had no idea what an Irish accent even sounded like, confessing when it came to delivering the line, he improvised an accent on the spot. He now thinks his casting was likely due solely to his appearance.

Although Thompson's role in Titanic may have been brief, the film has continued to remain relevant for over two decades. Proven by the fact that he still receives royalty cheques for his performance, and a testament to the movie's lasting popularity. And while the former actor may have now moved on to a different career, his connection to the movie seems to remain a fascinating and surreal part of his life, delighting both himself and fans of the film.

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