Chicago's Triple Hiatus: Fans Fed Up with Fire, Med, and PD Delays

Chicago's Triple Hiatus: Fans Fed Up with Fire, Med, and PD Delays
Image credit: NBC

Constant delays can ruin the reputation of even the most well-loved shows.

Developed by Derek Haas and Michael Brandt under the guidance of Dick Wolf, the One Chicago franchise consistently captivates audiences with gripping moments from the professional lives of Chicago's police officers, firefighters, and medical personnel. Regrettably, much to the fans' dismay, the shows have experienced frequent delays in their airing schedule.

Now, with only four episodes remaining in each of the three series - Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago P.D. - NBC has announced a prolonged hiatus that will extend until 3 May.

Understandably, fans are totally bummed out by the news and are questioning the rationale behind such a lengthy delay.

'It's so weird, there have always been breaks in shows but I swear, this year has been more, or longer, than ever before. It's like this for The Rookie as well, it's on a 3 week break for whatever reason and I feel like it ruins the momentum,' a Redditor expressed their frustration.

Seeing how all three shows have already faced multiple two-week breaks since 2022, it's rather surprising that NBC should have chosen to put them on yet another extended hiatus.

However, despite the disappointing news, many fans have come to terms with the fact that the reason for the delays may be NBC and the showrunners' desire to keep all three series ending simultaneously, in line with previous seasons.

'I don't like the breaks, but realise they are necessary. Most TV series now have about 22 episodes per season. It used to be at least 26 episodes per season, but they want the seasons to last the same time,' one of the fans explained.

This was also confirmed by an NBC spokesperson.

'You need a balance of original and encore episodes so that the season can run from September through May.' The crew works tirelessly to deliver high-quality, captivating content, allowing viewers ample time to rewatch previous episodes as the series progresses.

However, it's possible that the creators are not only concerned with scheduling but are also striving to maintain interest in all three shows simultaneously. Additionally, Taylor Kinney's unexpected departure from Chicago Fire for personal reasons may have had an impact. Regardless, fans eagerly anticipate the final four episodes of each series, which will air consecutively on Wednesdays.