Charmaine Proves To Be Just Too Annoying For Virgin River Fans

Image credit: Netflix

A romance-drama series based on Robyn Carr's novels of the same name, Virgin River follows the story of Mel, the nurse practitioner who comes to a remote town in Northern California to start her life anew.

What she finds there is a ton of drama — thanks in part to Charmaine Roberts, who immediately becomes the show's main antagonist.

Fans watched the drama surrounding Charmaine's pregnancy unfold throughout the second, third, and fourth seasons of the show (time doesn't fly in Virgin River, that's for sure), and her character was getting more and more annoying from episode to episode, fans claim. No wonder viewers now have some strong opinions about her, and here are their criticisms summarized.

Charmaine's first cardinal sin is, of course, lying about Jack being the father of her children.

Trying to keep the man with a lie like that is despicable — even if she could not live without him (which many fans doubt).

Another outrageous thing that Charmaine did was threatening to cut off Jack's contact with the kids (who aren't even his), causing him to nearly bankrupt himself by buying her a house.

Here, we have to mention that she did this despite the fact that Todd, her new boyfriend (turned-fiancé-turned-husband, can you please slow down, Charmaine?), wishes to adopt. Does that make Charmaine's actions look worse? The audience's answer is yes.

Next, fans were especially appalled by Charmaine giving away her beloved dog because Todd "wasn't a dog person." It really shows how pathetic, insecure, and dependent the character is. Her bond with Tucker was one of Charmaine's few saving graces, showing the gentle and caring side of her, so viewers agree that getting rid of the dog just wasn't right — and Charmaine's fear of Todd leaving her with the twins isn't a good enough reason to justify this.

All in all, Charmaine's behavior speaks of her deep psychological issues.

She clearly fears being alone, which is probably why she becomes so obsessed with a man who simply does not want to be with her and then immediately throws herself into a toxic relationship (and marriage!) with another guy whom she barely knows. Fans speculate that her father leaving Charmaine when she was very young may be the reason for her quirky behavior. This would certainly explain the character's immaturity and self-doubt.

Some people also point out that Charmaine's behavior is not entirely her fault.

She and Jack were just unlucky to meet each other: he wanted to be "casual," but Charmaine just couldn't accept anything casual. Eventually, she became delusional about the man who didn't love her, and now they're both paying the price for it.

Virgin River season five is expected to be released this summer.