Channel Your Inner Grace Kelly With These 7 Timeless Style Tips

Image credit: Legion-Media

Grace Kelly's elegance secrets that are still rocking the fashion world.

From Hollywood to Monaco, Grace Kelly's style was always on point! Not only was she a legendary actress, but she also remains an enduring fashion icon. Her sophisticated and timeless sense of style allowed her to pull off any look with ease and aplomb. Even though she's no longer with us, her fashion inspires people to this day. If you're looking for timeless style tips, look no further!

We've summed up Grace Kelly's seven must-know laws of style to give you all the inspiration you might need to take your fashion game to the next level.

Tweed is your Friend

A tweed suit has long been a staple of elegance, but it is often looked down upon as old-fashioned in today's world. Ignore the negative hype, follow Grace Kelly's lead, and opt for a pastel tweed coat or suit accentuated with lurex threads.

Put on a Belt over your Dress

Despite the popularity of loose-fitting threads, the gospel, according to Grace Kelly, says that if you want to be a lady, you need to highlight the best features of your figure. One easy way to show off your thin waist is by putting a thin buckle belt over your dress. It's easy but surprisingly effective.

Consider Après-Ski

Whenever Grace got out of the city with her family, she would invariably wear casual apres-ski outfits. These were kept casual and comfy. Grab a patterned sweater and some comfortable fleece pants, and wrap a colourful scarf around your neck to complete the look.

And remember, you don't actually need to go skiing to make it work.

Coats Need Gloves

These days, when our hands get cold, we tuck them into our pockets, but The Princess of Monaco firmly believed that a pair of white gloves must be worn with every coat as they instantly transform you from a simpleton into a noble.

Balance your Neckline

Grace Kelly always maximised elegance in her evening gowns, never shying away from plunging necklines to show off her beautiful collar bones but always knowing where to stop the plunging. She would also often accessorise her cleavage.

A String of Pearls

A lot of beautiful women in the past believed that pearls had magical powers. They could transform a simple outfit into a work of art and add a touch of dignity.