Celebs Aren't Immune to Weird Phobias — Even a Fear of Revolving Doors

Image credit: Legion-Media

Celebrities and their weird phobias prove that money can't buy sanity.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando's fear of pigs became known when he was filming in Kingdom of Heaven. At first, the actor seemed to be fine with having a pen of pigs on the set — but when one of them broke loose, Bloom "ran like crazy" and the whole crew had to calm him down. Later, the actor revealed he does not eat pork and tries not to visit stores where they sell it.

Johnny Depp

When Johnny was a young boy, he was having nightmares with clowns' faces leering at him: this is a common fear known as coulrophobia. The artist confessed he is afraid of clowns as well as people who wear bright makeup. Even when he has to have makeup applied to his own face, Johnny finds this intimidating.

However, Depp tried to overcome his fear: he bought a portrait of a serial killer in a clown costume and put it on the wall in his house.


This performer's phobia is way more unusual: Beyoncé is afraid of toiletries. It turns out the singer feels scared when she enters the ladies' room so she tries to leave as quickly as possible. Beyoncé decided to seek professional help and have a psychologist help her overcome her fear.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron is afraid of doorknobs because she believes they accumulate harmful germs. While this is certainly true (wash your hands, kids), the actress' fears are very serious and she always opens doors wearing disposable gloves — or using her elbow at least. Imagine how tough life has become for Cameron since the COVID-19 outbreak!

Megan Fox

The actress has a very rare phobia: she's afraid of dry paper. Megan never picks up newspapers, magazines, letters, or even scripts with her bare hands. Film directors and producers know about this quirky fear so they always laminate the script before handing it over to the actress. If Fox has to deal with dry pages, she has a glass of water nearby to dip her fingers every now and then. "I'm really neurotic," the artist confessed.

Matthew McConaughey

Even strong men can be phobic: Matthew, for instance, is afraid of revolving doors. Of course, the actor has to cope with the fear as almost every building nowadays has such doors.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole was born and raised in Australia, where there are many different kinds of butterflies. The actress revealed that she has always found these insects very intimidating. Growing up, Kidman tried to overcome her fear and went to a room with lots of butterflies — but the phobia remained. The actress still tries to avoid places where there are many winged insects.

Pamela Anderson

Surprisingly, one of the sexiest Hollywood stars is afraid of mirrors. It's not that she expects to see something horrible there — Pamela simply doesn't like looking at herself. When the star sees herself on TV, she prefers to switch the channel or leave the room.