Celebrity Estrangement: These Stars Don't Speak to Their Parents

Image credit: Legion-Media

You can't choose your parents, but you can choose to cut ties with them.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah was an unwanted child, and her parents separated shortly after her birth. While her mother was looking for a job and arranging her own life, the future celebrity lived with her grandmother, who was very oppressive and even whipped the little girl. Winfrey's mother took her daughter back eventually, but the two never developed a close and trusting relationship.

Winfrey was harassed by her uncle and cousin, but when she told her mom about it, the woman didn't believe her. Then, at the age of 14, Oprah got pregnant, and her mother kicked her out of their house: she thought her daughter was careless and still didn't believe Oprah was a victim of sexual abuse. The girl wanted to end her life, but the suicide attempt was unsuccessful. Winfrey's child was born prematurely and died immediately.

After that, the girl was raised by her father who helped her get a good education. Winfrey is still grateful to him for helping her back on her feet. She never communicated with her mother again.

Macaulay Culkin

When young Macaulay started earning millions, his parents were over the moon.

Their son was their main source of income, so they were eager to get him involved in more and more projects. Culkin's father signed filming contracts for him, and his mother didn't interfere. As a result, the boy was always busy on movie sets and was deprived of a normal childhood.

At some point, the actor's parents decided to divorce and started a custody war over their precious child.

But Culkin put an end to their battle: he sued his mom and dad to terminate their parental rights. The actor won the case and stopped communicating with his abusive parents who used the boy throughout his childhood.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay's story was similar: she got famous at a young age, and her parents considered her to be more of a cash cow than their daughter.

Her mom and dad didn't care much about the girl's life and were busy signing lucrative contracts for her.

When her parents separated, Lohan's mother became her manager. She wanted the girl to be a real star and do all the things celebrities do — so she made Lindsay attend social events and visit nightclubs and also encouraged her addiction to drugs and alcohol.

The actress was involved in numerous scandals, and her mom received more money from the publicity. Later, Lindsay realized her mother's destructive influence on her, so she ceased communication with the woman.

Elton John

Elton's mother Sheila supported her son throughout his life, but according to the woman, she dreamed that he would find a nice woman to settle down with. When she learned that her son was gay, she cried all night but came to accept his choice.

Nevertheless, the relationship between Elton and Sheila were ruined because his mom remained friends with his ex-boyfriend John Reed and ex-assistant Bob Halley, who didn't support the musician's marriage to David Furnish. When Sheila refused to cease friendship with the men, she and her son had a big argument.

The woman was outraged and said Elton cared more about his new husband than his mother. After that, the singer completely fell out with his mom and never reconnected with her again.

Sheila passed away in 2017.

The performer also hadn't kept in touch with his father, who died in the early 1990s. He believes that his dad might have been homophobic and remained aloof from Elton and his successes. He said it was an incredible pain and a terrible loss to him.

Demi Moore

Demi's relationship with her mother was far from perfect. When she was already a star, her mom tried to use her daughter's name to earn money and gave interviews about the actress' past life.

Moore was annoyed and didn't talk to her mother until she learned she was terminally ill — then, the women restored their relationship.

Moore recounted her life story in a recent autobiography. It turned out that her mother was often arrested for scandals and drunk driving. What's more, the woman virtually sold Demi for $500 to a man who raped the 15-year-old girl right in her own house. Although she was able to reconcile with her mom later in life, Moore admitted that she never forgave the betrayal.