Celebrities Gone Wild: the Five Most Outrageous Dresses in History

Image credit: Legion-Media

Celebs prove they're not afraid to make fashion mistakes with these bizarre outfits.

Jennifer Lopez

The famous green leaf-print Versace dress that the singer wore at the 2000 Grammy Awards is still remembered today, more than 20 years after the event. It wasn't provocative or tasteless — on the contrary, the dress looked very elegant on the star — but the low neckline extending past Lopez's navel did surprise the public.

Fascinatingly, it was J Lo's outfit that revolutionized search engines and data manipulation. Ex-Google chairman Eric Schmidt revealed that the dress served as the company's motivation to extend Google Search: "People wanted more than just text," Schmidt explained, "At the time, it was the most popular search query we had ever seen. But we had no surefire way of getting users exactly what they wanted: J­ Lo wearing that dress. Google Image Search was born."

In 2014, during a concert tour, Lopez made an appearance in an outfit quoting the iconic green Versace dress: the singer wore a green bodice with a floral print and deep neckline.


The Icelandic singer has put on a few extravagant outfits for her concerts, but these costumes are largely unknown to the wider public. There's one look, however, that you probably remember: it's the swan dress the singer wore to the 2001 Academy Awards Ceremony. Ranked one of ten worst outfits in the history of Oscars, Björk's outfit has nevertheless become iconic and spawned a number of swan-inspired gowns.

Lady Gaga

The singer has repeatedly surprised the public with her controversial outfits, but the (in)famous meat dress she wore at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards broke all records and generated lots of discussion both in fashion circles and beyond.

Some attacked the dress, saying it was too kitschy. Others admired the performer's courage for wearing it. People saw the dress as Lady Gaga's protest but couldn't quite figure out what she was fighting against: some interpreted it as her criticism of veganism, and others thought she was protecting the rights of women who are seen simply as "attractive meat." Subsequently, some fashion brands released clothes with naturalistic meat prints, inspired by Lady Gaga's outfit.


Every year, Rihanna impresses the public with her incredible looks at the Met Gala. But there's one outfit that proved especially memorable: the yellow fur-lined dress with a super large train, which the singer wore in 2015.

The outfit instantly became the subject of jokes, memes, and Internet discussions. The round crazy-long train was photoshopped to look like an omelet on a frying pan or pizza with pieces of sausage on it. This was the moment when everyone, including people who never heard of the Costume Institute Ball, discussed fashion or celebrity attire.

Rose McGowan

Back in 1998, guests at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony were shocked by Rose McGowan's dress — or rather, a complete lack thereof.

The outfit's front was completely see-through, and the back also left nothing to the imagination. At the time, McGowan was dating singer Marilyn Manson, and her scandalous attire befitted her boyfriend's flamboyant look. In the following years, many stars copied the principle behind McGowan's sheer dress — but no one had enough courage to wear something as revealing as the actress' original attire.