Can Eloise Be Bridgerton's Season 4 Lead? Here's What We Know So Far

Can Eloise Be Bridgerton's Season 4 Lead? Here's What We Know So Far
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There are a few reasons why the show's fans are preoccupied with this idea.


  • Season 3 of Bridgerton will follow Colin, despite the novel order.
  • Many fans believe that Eloise will be the focus of Season 4.
  • There are several hints about the next episode that make this theory quite plausible.

With Bridgerton's highly anticipated third season set to premiere in May, fans of Netflix's flagship romance drama are buzzing with excitement all over the web. Considering it's been two years since the release of Season 2, it's clear why viewers are so eager to dive back into their beloved story.

Set during the Regency era, each season of Bridgerton focuses on the lives of different siblings from the titular family as they spread their wings in the Ton, find love, and begin their adult lives. Seasons 1 and 2 followed the narrative pattern of Julia Quinn's novels from which the show is derived, revolving around Daphne and Anthony Bridgerton, respectively.

However, the showrunners decided to go a different route with Season 3, skipping Benedict in favor of the love story between Colin and Peneolpe. For this reason, many viewers wonder if the producers will pull this stunt again in Season 4 and focus on Eloise instead of Benedict.

A Prominent Character

Although Eloise is quite young – she's only the fifth Bridgerton child – she has become one of the show's most interesting characters over the course of its two seasons. Her vibrant and feisty attitude, strong-willed character, and life-affirming friendship with Penelope Featherington have endeared her to viewers. Moreover, even Bridgerton's showrunners consider Eloise and Penelope's relationship to be one of the show's most important arcs.

With that in mind, it wouldn't be too surprising to see Season 4 of the hit Netflix drama dedicated to Eloise instead of her older brother Benedict. And there are several reasons to think so.

Which Bridgerton do you think season 4 will be about?

Clues about an Eloise-Centered Season

Aside from the online chatter from fans, there are a number of reasons to believe that the next installment will be Eloise-centric. First and foremost, Luke Thompson, who plays Benedict in Bridgerton, is currently starring in a play called Love's Labour's Lost at the Royal Shakespeare Theater, which means that he barely has enough time to prepare for a starring role in the fourth season of the Netflix show, let alone film it in the near future.

Then Chris Fulton, who plays Sir Philip Crane, aka Eloise's future husband in Quinn's novels, reminds Bridgerton fans every now and then that he's also part of the franchise. Last year, he posted a picture of himself as Sir Philip on his Instagram. Most importantly, the show's first EP, Shonda Rhimes, recently expressed her fondness for Eloise and Penelope's arc, which is why the fifth Bridgerton might be there for next season.

Unfortunately, there have been no official announcements about Season 4. As for Season 3, the first part will be released on May 16th.