Cam Gigandet Explains Why the World Needs More Twilight in 2023

Cam Gigandet Explains Why the World Needs More Twilight in 2023
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It is safe to say that The Twilight Saga has changed pop culture as we know it.

Ever since the first installment, which began the love story between an average schoolgirl and a hot vampire, was released in 2008, the franchise has attracted a huge following and become the source of endless fanfiction and inspired various books and movies.

The series that ended ten years ago has experienced a resurgence as of late. During the COVID pandemic, nostalgic fans and a new generation of viewers binge-watched the saga on various streaming services and got hooked again.

Posts about the beloved series flooded social media, especially TikTok and Twitter. And this newfound fame is not slowing down.

When asked about this unexpected fan love in an interview with TooFab, Twilight alum Cam Gigandet explained why he thought the franchise was resurfacing in social media threads and discussions.

"The whole idea was 'in' at a time where there was less s**t in the world," he said. "Vampires were our biggest problems as opposed to all of the s**t that we've created. It was a simpler time, so it makes sense that people would want to [experience] the nostalgia of Twilight and why they would want to go back to that."

Gigandet played the main antagonist of the first Twilight movie, James Witherdale, the powerful vampire who led a coven with the help of two other vampires, Victoria and Laurent. James was obsessed with the female lead, Bella.

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After catching her scent, he had a strong desire to drink her blood and would have succeeded if the Cullens, the family of Bella's love interest Edward, hadn't killed him. James' death sparked Victoria's vengeance storyline that developed in subsequent films.

When asked how participating in the popular franchise has affected his personal and professional life, Gigandet explained that it has had a huge impact. Even his daughter has the nickname "Twilight Girl" at school, the star added with a laugh.

Fans will definitely agree with the actor that the Twilight fantasy universe is a good place to escape the hardships of the modern world. Although many viewers who have grown up since the first wave of popularity admit that the franchise is pretty cheesy, in some circumstances cheesy is good. Twilight is the perfect comforting series that doesn't make you think too hard and lets you escape reality for a while.