Bullies Be Damned: These Stars Refused to Be Shamed for Their Weight

Image credit: Legion-Media

Where are those bullies now?

Kate Winslet

Kate was bullied for being overweight when she was in high school. At 15, the girl already weighed 175 lb (80 kg). Classmates constantly picked on her, saying that she could never succeed being that big. Winslet even had to leave school, to no longer face the mockery.

At first many directors also hinted that she should lose a few pounds. Fortunately, the extra weight did not prevent her from building a brilliant career and starring in the cult film Titanic. However, after the release of the movie, people’s attention was drawn no only to her wonderful acting, but also her appearance.

For example, actress Joan Rivers made a rude joke, noting that Titanic would not sink if Winslet weighed a little less. At the same time journalists actively discussed the figure of the actress, and almost all shamed her for excessive weight, which a celebrity should not have.

Such comments really hurt Kate, it took time for her to be able to accept and love herself for who she is. In one of the interviews she explains that it is hard to stop feeling like a little fat girl she once was. Kate claims that she never felt attractive when she was young, because she was fat and miserable. The actress thinks that this kind of mindset stays with someone for life and deep in her subconscious, she will always have the thought that she is not as thin as other actresses. But she admits that at a certain point, when she achieved her goals and was proud of his work, she began to take a more relaxed attitude towards how she looked.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer is a passionate advocate for natural and authentic looks. Once during the Oscars, she told what she had to go through at the beginning of her career. It turned out that the actress was often criticized because of her excess weight, and some directors even insisted that she lose some of it. Otherwise she would not be able to get her role.

Fortunately, today Lawrence does not listen to anyone and does not follow trends. She is against exhausting workouts and strict diets, which, in her opinion, only ruin life. The star is confident that people have to look the way they are and feel comfortable. She thinks that it is stupid to feel hungry every single day just to make other people happy.

Mariah Carey

Mariah has never been a girl with a perfect model body — the singer was famous for her appetizing figure, and fans accepted her for who she is. However, a few years ago the singer put on extra pounds and weighed 265 lb (120 kg). The dancers who lifted the star during performances had a hard time holding her in their arms.

In 2017, Mariah performed in Las Vegas and fans were amazed by her appearance. The always happy and cheerful star practically did not move on stage. Then fans began to shame the performer for her appearance and advised that she immediately go on a diet.

Surprisingly Carey listened and managed to get rid of excess weight. Of course, today Mariah is not as slim as she was at the beginning of her career, but she is noticeably thinner than a few years ago.

Chrissy Teigen

When Chrissy first started her modeling career, she was ready to take any job. One day she was offered a collaboration with a famous company, but when Teigen was on her way to a photoshoot, she received a call from the company representative that told her they did not wish to see a girl with such a figure, adding that she was too fat for them.

She still holds the grudge against that agency. Of course, she was shamed for having an unorthodox figure many more times, but that did not stop her from building a successful career.

Amy Schumer

Amy has always been a big girl, but despite this, she was able to succeed. Once, though, producers insisted that the actress get rid of a few extra pounds. The star complied with their demand, but after that she promised never to work with these people again.

Thanks to her mother, Amy considers herself a really attractive girl. She claims that she came into this world with the feeling that she is gorgeous, because that is what her mother truly believed.