Brie Larson Knows How You Feel About Captain Marvel; She Just Doesn't Care

Brie Larson Knows How You Feel About Captain Marvel; She Just Doesn't Care
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The actress refuses to give her critics the pleasure.


  • MCU fans have a strong dislike for Brie Larson, primarily due to their perception of the poorly received Captain Marvel movie.
  • Despite the promotional efforts by the MCU, fans remain skeptical and continue to hold negative feelings towards the upcoming movie.
  • Despite facing online criticism and trolling, Brie Larson ignores the negativity and responds with humor or counter-trolling.

It's no secret that most MCU fans really don't like Brie Larson, as the Captain Marvel movie is still remembered as one of the worst blockbusters the beloved comic book franchise ever produced.

And while most people are sure that the poor reception for that movie had nothing to do with Larson herself, as she did a pretty solid job portraying the poorly written character she was given, they still can't help but dislike the actress for the fact that the producers decided to put her and her character at the center of the MCU.

Marvel fans felt that Captain Marvel lacked many of the qualities necessary to be the beating heart of the MCU, and the fact that Larson specifically offended the fanbase with her outlandish, disrespectful comments and overall attitude didn't help. And with the upcoming movie The Marvels premiering in the near future, the animosity towards the actress is rising again.

Poor projections

Even though the MCU is putting a lot of energy and money into marketing the upcoming movie as a true return to form for the franchise, even allegedly leaking positive reviews for it in advance to build the hype, fans still can't help but feel negative towards the blockbuster.

Analysts are currently predicting that the flick will open with only $75 million, which is a huge disaster for a $270 million movie without marketing costs. But how does Larson feel about the fans' reactions to her new movie? Apparently, nothing at all.

Larson hits back

Despite thousands of trolls actively trying to tear the actress down on social media, Larson refuses to pay attention to the bad things people say about her, preferring instead to joke or even troll back.

And while such a tactic may seem healthy, it actually makes many people dislike Larson even more, arguing that she brushes off even legitimate concerns about the quality of the movie by calling them trolling. Because of this, fans say that Larson just doesn't care about the MCU, the fandom, and it's pretty hard to argue with that.