Bridgerton's Kanthony Are the Best, but There's a Problem with the Pivotal Moment of Their Arc

Bridgerton's Kanthony Are the Best, but There's a Problem with the Pivotal Moment of Their Arc
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The characters acted like completely different people during the scene.


  • The most important moment in Kate and Anthony's love story was marred by their behavior.
  • The two characters came a long way to be together.
  • Although their first sex scene was very exciting, it was pretty stupid.

One of the best things about Bridgerton is the difference between the seasons. The premiere season, which followed the steamy love story of Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Basset, enticed many viewers with its depiction of a lustful and passionate romance. Meanwhile, Season 2, which revolved around the complicated relationship between Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma, captivated audiences with its masterful use of the enemies to lovers trope, which made the plot extremely intense.

While both seasons of the fan-favorite Netflix period drama were great, the second installment is considered better by many fans. Arguably, there are many reasons for this, but the main factor is the deep character development. Kate and Anthony's love arc turned out better simply because they managed to build a mutual understanding and palpable tension. Still, their story had a very problematic climactic moment.

The Forbidden Fruit

Needless to say, Kanthony's story was complicated. Both characters felt bound by their duties and obligations to their families and were willing to sacrifice their happiness to do the right thing. Kate wanted to find a suitor for her younger sister Edwina, and since Anthony had proposed to her, Kathani didn't allow herself to act on her feelings for him. In turn, Viscount Bridgerton was engaged to Edwina and couldn't break that promise, for now the reputations of both the Bridgertons and the Sharmas depended on it.

But Kate and Anthony were simply made for each other. And as they got to know each other, they grew closer and fell deeper in love. And that bittersweet feeling of realizing that they couldn't be together despite their infatuation made the audience root for them even more.

So when Anthony and Kate gave in to their feelings on the patio in Episode 7, it felt like heaven. But upon closer inspection, the scene proves to be rather problematic.

The Patio Sex Scene

Certainly, Anthony's heartfelt revelation of his feelings for Kate was one of the most beautiful moments on Bridgerton. And their electrifying and tender lovemaking scene was a real treat. But just like the characters the next morning, you realize that it was a terrible act.

The Viscount left his family and their guests in their house, Kate left Edwina alone with strangers. And the romantic duo made love on the terrace in the garden, where anyone could stumble upon them and ruin their family's reputation forever. Fortunately, that didn't happen, but it was an absolutely reckless thing for Anthony and Kate to do – and, more importantly, so out of character for them. But maybe that was what made the scene so intense.

What's your opinion on Kate and Anthony's first sex scene?

Bridgerton Season 3 will premiere on May 16.