Bridgerton Fans Not Impressed With "Repetitive" Season One Sex Scenes

Bridgerton Fans Not Impressed With
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Fans of Netflix's hit romance series are divided about how many bed scenes should be in episodes and whether they are necessary.

The first season of Bridgerton was marked by numerous explicit scenes, and the second one was different in that it didn't have as much steamy content. Viewers' reactions to this fact are diverse, as some prefer spicy episodes and others are happy with following their beloved characters' romance with no or few sexual features.

Furthermore, a significant part of the audience claim that sex scenes aren't necessary at all, arguing that love and intimate connection between characters can be communicated through different ways.

In a Reddit discussion, lots of fans agreed that the first season's spicy scenes got too repetitive, while the show's romantic moments were more successful with viewers. People expect characters' love lines to be filled with other situations, through which their feelings for each other are revealed.

Even if a scene culminates in sex, it always feels more appealing when it's preceded by an emotional build-up exciting a strong response in the audience.

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At the same time, some people argue that intimate scenes have become such an important part of Bridgerton, it's now impossible to imagine the story's development without them. While it's true that explicit content is considered kind of the series' calling card, many would still refute this statement and claim that Bridgerton is first of all a romantic show, rather than an erotic one.

One of the Redditors put forward their own version of why the series is often associated with sex.

According to the theory, season one contained numerous hot scenes because Daphne's story required them: it was all about sexual exploration and her lack of experience, which coincided with Simon being able to deceive her about the children aspect for so long. That's why a large number of steamy episodes was justified for the first season, but not for season two.

Many agree that sex isn't particularly important for the show and that there's no need to fill later seasons with lots of bed scenes. People want the creators of Bridgerton to use other means to manifest characters' feelings and develop their love stories. It seems that the screenwriters' task now is to take note of these comments and try to get a middle ground between season one and two — a mix of sex and romance that would be appreciated by most fans.