Big Bang Theory Fans Still Having Meltdown Over Its Best Wedding Scene

Big Bang Theory Fans Still Having Meltdown Over Its Best Wedding Scene
Image credit: CBS

Of course, it’s that one!

The Big Bang Theory was funny. In fact, it was really funny. Ask most fans what they think of the show and they'll tell you that. Ask them which of the show's weddings was the best, though, and you're likely to be greeted with glassy eyes, brought on by the moving ceremony when Sheldon and Amy tied the knot.

Not that the weddings of Leonard and Penny or Howard and Bernadette weren't good in their own way, but we always knew this was the story of the socially awkward Sheldon Cooper. And if we're honest with ourselves, it took us all a while to come to terms with the fact that marriage was even his wheelhouse.

The concept of the show was special

TBBT was a celebration of people who are atypical and who for many years were seen as outsiders. All the main characters were geeky and would traditionally have been bit-part on most shows - there to be used when a nerdy punchline was required.

The Big Bang Theory turned this whole premise on its head. Sheldon et al were comic, relatable and... well, the stars of the show. They were funny, but we laughed with/at them in the same way we would with any other set of sitcom characters. They weren't the butt of the joke, they were just people with quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Right in the feels

Still, Sheldon just seemed happier on his own. Early on in the show, it was hard to imagine him looking for a partner. Then Amy came along and everything changed. Suddenly love was on the cards. There was a female version of Sheldon who, it seemed, could more than tolerate him. And the feeling was reciprocated.

Love brought out a different side of Sheldon. It was a genius move by the showrunners. Looking back, there was a risk that the show would end with Sheldon having failed to grow and complete his arc in the same way as some of the other characters. That would have been a tragic ending that went against everything the show stood for.

So when the couple said their vows, it's no surprise there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Fans still talk about it, and it’s hard to think of another sitcom wedding that brings a lump to the throat in the same way.