Beyond Sparkly Vampires: Top 5 Annoying Twilight Moments

Beyond Sparkly Vampires: Top 5 Annoying Twilight Moments
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Ready to ruffle some feathers?

It's difficult to find a more controversial film franchise than Twilight. Undeniably a pop culture phenomenon loved by millions, the vampire saga's five instalments feature moments that never fail to irritate fans, regardless of whether it's their first or tenth viewing.

Here are five Twilight scenes that are difficult to watch due to their frustrating or cringe-worthy nature, according to Reddit.

The Bio lab scene

Many of Bella and Edward's interactions throughout the franchise feel awkward and annoying to fans, but the most cringe-worthy is likely the scene in the bio lab where they have their very first conversation over a microscope.

Everything from the long pauses and strange facial expressions to the dramatic glances and lines like 'Any cold... wet... thing...' make this moment painful to watch.

Bella's first meeting with the Cullens

The first meeting with your partner's parents can go wrong, but could it be worse than Bella's introduction to the Cullens? Everything about this scene seems to reek of second-hand embarrassment, from Edward's rude 'She already ate' to Bella's awkward 'I would become the meal.' Fans just want to erase this moment from their minds forever.

The ‘I'm the world's most dangerous predator’ confession

The scene where Edward reveals his dangerous vampire nature to Bella doesn't sit well with many fans. What annoys viewers the most is Bella's reaction to Edward's rather serious confessions. He tells her he killed people, and she says, 'It does not matter.' How much more awkward can a scene get?

Edward's sparkling

When talking about the scene in the forest, it's impossible not to mention the sparkling. The way Edward looks in the sunlight as if he had been dipped in glitter has long been a meme in the Twilight fandom. Fans never fail to mention it in their discussions of embarrassing or cringe-worthy moments.

The demonstration of 'the skin of a killer' is supposed to be dramatic, but who in the world could take it seriously?

The imprinting plot

Naturally, the most annoying storyline for every Twilight viewer is Jacob Black imprinting on Bella and Edward's newborn daughter, with everyone accepting it without batting an eye. Bella seems mad initially, but she quickly gets over it and appears more bothered by Jacob referring to her daughter as a Loch Ness monster. This entire twist is creepy and seriously disturbing. And Jacob's 'Should I start calling you Dad?' line only adds to its already disturbingly high cringe factor.

Source: Reddit.