Bella Hadid's 10 Worst Fashion Fails of All Time

Image credit: Legion-Media

Did you know that Yolanda Hadid always considered her eldest daughter, Gigi, to be the hope of the family?

It was as if the younger daughter Bella went unnoticed by her. And now she is considered a style icon and one of the most sought-after models in the world! However, the brunette beauty's success story was not without failures.

Fur and stilettos

We are not saying that a combination of high heels and fur is a bad choice. They suit, for example, pregnant Rihanna, the queen of all things provocative. But Bella, who just started her career and fought hard to distance herself from her mother, didn't look good dressed that way. And a tight top with a mini was just a poor reference to the 00’s.

Sports and chic

After becoming Victoria's Secret Angel, Hadid began to obediently take the brand's new products for a walk. Such a tracksuit with unusual insertions was once sold in the brand stores and would rather suit Paris Hilton, who is still faithful to her pink pants and track jackets. But if you combine it with glasses, fuzzy slippers and metallic toenails, it may turn out a bit... strange.

Cleopatra's eyes

Though this photo was taken in 2017, it looks vintage. Bella is just testing out the slits on the pants that will be a hit in a few years, but she's clearly overdoing it. Both with the depth of the slits and the Cleopatra-inspired eyeliner. And with the unexpected leopard handbag, which will fail our model more than once.

Mama Bella

For this look fans called Hadid "Mama Bella". And for good reason. Denim two-piece, bangs, comb-over, leopard print heels, small purse with the same print and nude glossy lips – remind you of anything? That's right, the same 00's in all their glory and denim.

Bella from the hood

We already know that Bella (aka "the most beautiful woman in the world") likes to draw on the past. And we also know that she likes to combine different styles in one look. A striking example is this model's appearance at Paris Fashion Week, where she decided to combine a sports jacket from the past, trendy braids and a schoolgirl's plaid skirt. Yes, eclecticism often produces delightful results, but this time something clearly went wrong...

The plaid and the cap

And here is another example of nostalgic fashion. The star model has everything: stripes, plaid, cap, sneakers and tights. It turned out to be, to put it mildly, confusing. What was the author trying to say? Separately, all these things can be considered trendy, especially the classic models of Adidas. But together they just do not make sense.

“I am a versatile girl”

In the early days of her career, Bella had to demonstrate that she could wear different styles. But sometimes the result was far from perfect. The pink suit with the scarf that came out of nowhere failed Hadid, but she uses the combination of baggy pants and massive sneakers to this day and for a good reason.

The sloppy goth girl

Always thinking about her reputation and image Yolanda would not let her daughters out in public until they passed her strict maternal inspection. But the black tights with worn-out toes slipped both Yolanda’s and Bella’s attention. And it took Bella years to learn how to proudly wear strapless dresses when she finally felt like a star and stopped slouching.

Kim, is that you?

Even a perfect figure can be ruined, as the Hadid sisters know all too well. Some of the decisions made by Bella may have called into question not only her taste but her modeling genes in general. Young Hadid still struggles with catsuits, but fitted dresses with delicate corsets and puffed transparent skirts look really good on her. But she will realize that a bit later in her life.

Black sadness

Another questionable gothic look. Yes, she wasn't always the center of attention at the Met Gala, especially when she showed up in a Chrome Hearts dress in 2018. The outfit was created by the parents of Hadid's friend, and she apparently couldn't say no. What can you do, it's either looking cute for everyone or your career!