Before and After Pics: Celebrities Who Had Rhinoplasty

Image credit: Legion-Media

Sometimes before you can get a good job in show business, you need to get a good nose job.

Rhinoplasty, colloquially known as a nose job, is a common cosmetic surgery procedure that changes the size and/or shape of the nose to make it look prettier. It’s a routine procedure and is extremely popular with celebrities who want to get that perfect look. We’ve put together a list of six celebrities whose nose jobs have actually made them look better.

Angelina Jolie

A lot of people think Angelina had surgery to enlarge her lips, but no, those are her very own natural lips that she was actually taunted for in high school and felt insecure about later in life.

The part of her face that she did have surgically altered is her nose. It was a very subtle alteration that gave her a more aristocratic appearance. However, the actress claims she’s only had plastic surgery done once and not on her nose but rather on her breasts.

Jennifer Grey

Jennier Grey became famous after Dirty Dancing, where she starred alongside Patrick Swayze. After the film came out, the actress figured she needed to have her nose altered as she felt insecure about its size and shape.

Her new and improved nose was straight and narrow, but many fans and producers thought she lost her individuality because of it. Somehow, film makers were now less interested in her, and none of her later movies could hold a candle to Dirty Dancing.

Blake Lively

Early on in her career, Blake had a number of minor surgical alterations to her appearance to make her look less like a peasant and more like a lady. Later, she got her nose straightened and narrowed down to a nice little tip and last but not least she had her eyelids corrected. Each of the changes on its own was quite minor but put together they’ve worked like an Instagram filter, dialling up her natural beauty to the max.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer has gone on record multiple times to bash the obsession with looks that forces female celebrities to follow fashion, go on diets, hit the gym and have plastic surgery. However, experts in the business are convinced the actress had her nose altered. It was a very minor alteration but it has definitely made her look hotter.

Jessica Alba

Jessica also had her nose altered slightly when she was young. The results are out of this world: the changes were made so gracefully that you can’t tell the actress has changed anything about her looks unless you look for it very hard and compare old and new photos side by side. Yet, there is still a palpable effect: in her old photos, she looks somehow less refined.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennier makes no secret of the fact she had a nose job in her youth. She got a thinner, more elegant nose. The actress swears that as soon as she had her nose altered, she started getting more roles, so she’s more than happy with the outcome.

Today, many people suspect that Aniston is a regular client of plastic surgeons, seeing how she looks better at 53 than she did when she first appeared on Friends all those many years ago. Jennifer insists though that she’s not had any plastic surgery done recently.

She says that after seeing all the hordes of women in Hollywood who are paying their surgeon very well to break the spell of ageing, she resolved to never do that to her face, she even steers clear of fillers.