Astrological TV Guide: Which Shows You Should Binge Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Zodiacal binging: these shows that will keep you glued to your screen.


People of this sign appreciate rich or even wild experiences. They like dynamic films with lots of things happening, strong characters and emotions. The presence of a love story is also welcome. Psychological series that are able to analyze and reveal the deep aspects of human relationships will also be a nice addition.

In Treatment

Game of Thrones



Tauruses like to keep everything in order. People of this sign prefer calm, soothing shows that have little changes, have a relaxed atmosphere, and the number of episodes is large enough to keep them immersed in a familiar environment for a long time, surrounded by their favorite characters.

The Big Bang Theory

Doctor Who



Gemini, on the contrary, love change, activity and new information. They are not big fans of sitting on a couch for too long, so the series must constantly surprise them, present something new and have a complex plot or some kind of intrigue. The usual sitcoms or soap operas will certainly make Gemini yawn with indifference.



American Horror Story


Cancers prefer to watch soap operas that can trigger all the emotions they can have. It should be able to thrill the soul. Therefore, the representatives of this sign like to rewatch something old, from their childhood, that can evoke a sense of nostalgia.

The Affair


The Good Wife


Leos are people who have outstanding personal qualities: charm, charisma, leadership. They know how to be the center of attention and enjoy life. They will not be so much interested in someone's mental sufferings, they need stories about people like them: strong, confident people. Great, if these series will also be a comedy.

Ash vs Evil Dead

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt



Virgos are pretty hard to please. They are looking for flaws in everything, so there's hardly a show they'd find great. Nevertheless, the attention-shifting tactic is quite effective here. If the series is about unusual, perhaps even weird people, then Virgo will no longer analyze the show itself, but the personal qualities of the characters. That is why they prefer stories about controversial people.

The Mindy Project


Broad City


Libras are people who seek harmony. By nature, they are idealists, and therefore they appreciate dreamy, noble things. It is not surprising that the TV series they prefer are filled with magic, mysticism and, of course, romance. How else can it be?

The Vampire Diaries

Once Upon a Time



Scorpios are unpredictable people. It is quite difficult to say what will be to their liking. But nevertheless it is possible to point out a number of their preferences. People born under this sign like stories about complex characters filled with intense emotions.

The Punisher


Muhtesem Yüzyil


Sagittarians appreciate humor, adventure, and everything mystical. They like black comedies about evil spirits, or, conversely, beautiful tales with a twisted plot. Philosophical content is welcome. But what Sagittarians wouldn't like for sure are simple stories about the everyday life of some doctors or policemen, as well as romantic dramas. Sagittarians are more attracted to unusual stuff.

Ash vs Evil Dead

Stranger Things



Capricorns like to watch shows that reflect their own character: persistent, highly confident, ambitious. Experts of their craft, masters, outstanding people — this is what attracts Capricorns, gives them strength and motivation. A story about a hero who is able to go through difficulties and win is the best story for Capricorns.





Aquarians are eccentric individuals who are attracted to the most unusual things in various aspects of life. These people are drawn to mysticism, mystery and always have interesting stories to tell that happened to them or to the people they know. Of course, it is difficult to surprise such people, but that is the reason they want to be surprised even more!


Gossip Girl



Pisces are creative people who love to bring new ideas into the world and are very good at sensing the energy around them. Pisces are among those who have a hard time adapting to society, but they show great results in the fields of creativity and reflection. For this reason they prefer to watch TV series with strong emotions and experiences, which will be enough for them.


The Bachelorette

Downton Abbey