As The Gilded Age Gets Renewed for Season 3, This Storyline Is Bound to Become Its Main

As The Gilded Age Gets Renewed for Season 3, This Storyline Is Bound to Become Its Main
Image credit: HBO

Season 2's most exciting storyline will undoubtedly take center stage in the next installment.


  • The Gilded Age is Max's flagship period drama.
  • The relationship between the Brook sisters was the focus of Season 2.
  • The third installment will likely focus on the characters' newly established dynamic.

During its short but exciting two-season run on Max, The Gilded Age has become a hit period drama. Set in New York during the titular era, the show primarily documents the standoff between the nouveau riche Russells, who are entering the city's social scene, and the old money Van Rhijns, who rule over high society and aren't eager to share their position with the newcomers. Meanwhile, TGA also explores the struggles of the working class and people of color at that time.

As Season 2, which followed the Russells' steady rise to the top of New York's social hierarchy, has just ended and The Gilded Age has been renewed for a third season, viewers are wondering what it will be about. Apparently, it will have to focus more on the story that came into the spotlight this season.

Agnes and Ada's Relationship Arc

Throughout the two seasons of The Gilded Age, Agnes Van Rhijn, portrayed by the brilliant Christine Baranski, has been the vehicle behind the feud between the two families in question. She has maintained a tight grip on her power in New York's high society, ruling her own family with an iron fist.

Conservative and conventional, Agnes has been a major thorn in the side of her relatives – especially her younger sister Ada (Cynthia Nixon), who is subservient to her older and more accomplished sibling.

Naturally, Agnes was none too happy when Ada rebelled and married Reverend Luke Forte, despite her sister's outright disapproval of their relationship. But Ada's new husband died soon after the wedding, and the two sisters had to switch roles.

Agnes and Ada's New Dynamics

Since Agnes' husband died before the start of the Gilded Age, we never saw him on screen, but we did see Ada being there to comfort her sister all the time. Now the Brooks siblings have reversed their roles, with Agnes supporting Ada in her grief.

However, things took an even more drastic turn in season 2 when Agnes' son Oscar lost the entire family fortune in an ill-advised gamble. As a result, the Van Rhijns were evicted from their mansion and Agnes had to find shelter under her sister's roof. And apparently, Season 3 of The Gilded Age will largely focus on the new relationship between Ada and Agnes, who have changed lives and roles forever.