Are DWTS' Harry and Rylee Dating or Just Playing It Up?

Are DWTS' Harry and Rylee Dating or Just Playing It Up?
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There is still room for speculation despite the stars’ denials.


  • DWTS is one of America's longest-running reality TV shows.
  • Season 32 premiered a little under a month ago.
  • Rylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey are the most talked-about couple of the season.
  • The two deny dating allegations but still make use of them.

It's been almost a month since Dancing with the Stars returned to ABC with season 32. Based on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, this beloved celebrity dancing competition premiered in the US in 2005 and became an instant hit. The show's immense popularity with viewers has led to numerous installments. Over the nineteen years that DWTS has been on the air, it has had an impressive thirty-two seasons, the latest of which is currently running.

Broadcast on ABC, only four episodes of season 32 of Dancing with the Stars have been released to date. However, the audience has already had a good opportunity to get to know this season's contestants. And while season 32 features stars such as Jason Mraz, Ariana Madix, and Barry Williams, it's Harry Jowsey who has become the center of attention.

Fans are particularly excited about his alleged romantic connection with his pro partner, Rylee Arnold. But is there really anything going on between the two?

Who Are Rylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey?

For dedicated Dancing with the Stars fans, the name Arnold probably rings a bell. Indeed, Rylee's elder sister, Lindsay, has been an integral part of the show for many seasons. Starting her journey in season 16, Lindsay alternated between being a pro dancer and a troupe member, even winning season 25. Now, another Arnold, only eighteen years old, is gracing the stage.

In turn, Harry Jowsey is a famous twenty-six-year-old Australian model, TV personality, and social media influencer. He is best known for his stint on Netflix's reality TV show Too Hot to Handle.

The Stars on the Dating Rumors

Rumors of Harry and Rylee dating started the moment they first danced together in season 32 of DWTS, largely due to their undeniable on-stage chemistry. Speculation increased when paparazzi spotted them at a concert together. However, this season's 'lovebirds,' as Julianne Hough referred to them in episode 4, have dismissed the allegations.

'I think it's unfair on Rylee to put, like, pressure on this [dating rumors] when it's her first season. You know, whatever is going on behind the scenes is going to go behind the scenes,' Harry Jowsey commented on the rumors about his covert romance with his pro dancing partner.'We are just focusing on the dancing and enjoying being together, and if something happens, something happens.'

Whether they are an item or not, Harry and Rylee are certainly cashing in on the speculations as best they can. For example, Jowsey has posted some sneak peeks of the upcoming week 5 episode on his TikTok page, and fans can't help but fall for the rumors after seeing these photos.

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Still, we'll just have to wait and see if tonight's episode sheds more light on the matter when it premieres on ABC and Disney+.

Source: YouTube, TikTok.

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