Anupam Kher's Tragedy Was the Reason Why Vijay Kapoor Left New Amsterdam

Anupam Kher's Tragedy Was the Reason Why Vijay Kapoor Left New Amsterdam
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The hit medical drama lost one of its best characters in Season 3, and here's why.

From the very first episode of the medical drama, one character stood out from the rest — the head of neurology Vijay Kapoor, played by Bollywood icon Anupam Kher. Even the lead character, portrayed by Ryan Eggold, seemed somewhat bleak in comparison to the entertaining and warm Kapoor, as the Indian actor used every trick learned in his long and prolific career to create a truly compelling character.

So when Kapoor was unexpectedly written out of the show in Season 3, viewers were really concerned and wondered why the actor was forced to leave his role.

According to various sources, Kher decided to leave the project in 2021 amidst a serious family issue, as his wife Kirron Kher was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, so he had to travel back to India to care for her.

The announcement prompted millions of Kher's fans to support him, admiring his personal qualities as a caring husband. Even though Kapoor was written out of the show for good, fans of New Amsterdam continued to follow him and his wife throughout their battle with cancer, and it looks like everyone's support paid off!

'For me, it (Kirron's recovery) is the biggest relief. Touchwood, her cancer is in remission. She has started work again in Chandigarh. She was a judge on India's Got Talent. The human spirit is much stronger than any other thing. Giving up is not an option,' Kher said last year.

Yes, Kirron is reportedly in remission now, and Anupam Kher can resume his acting gigs without fearing for his wife's life. While it's unclear if the actor will return to the US since New Amsterdam is already closed, Kher still enjoys huge popularity in India, and his insane net worth of $75 million proves it.

Fans applaud the actor for taking time to focus on his family instead of pursuing his career, and many even admit that his character was one of the main reasons they watched New Amsterdam.

Source: The Indian Express.