Anne Hathaway Was Upstaged by Raccoons During a Play in Central Park

Anne Hathaway Was Upstaged by Raccoons During a Play in Central Park
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These furry creatures are compared to thieves for a reason.


  • Anne Hathaway is one of the most prominent actresses of our time.
  • She struggled to deliver a funny line in a theatrical production she was starring in.
  • The Central Park raccoons interfered with the play and proved to be more popular with the audience than Hathaway.

When you think of actresses, there are a number of names that inevitably come to mind – Audrey Hepburn, Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep, and many others. Anne Hathaway seems to be one of the more modern names on that list.

The Oscar-winning actress has had many notable roles throughout her career. From The Princess Diaries to The Devil Wears Prada, The Dark Knight Rises and Ocean's 8, Anne Hathaway has starred in many popular movies. But as a true thespian, she hasn't turned her nose up at theater productions, despite her enormous success in the film industry.

In 2009, for example, the actress starred in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, New York. And while she enjoyed it, she had some difficulties.

A Difficult Line

Anne Hathaway had a great time doing the play, but there was one thing she admits she struggled with. Her character, Viola, had a line that was supposed to make people laugh, but the actress couldn't make it work with. She tried everything – 'anything I could think of' – to make it funny, but she couldn't until one day she did. Or so she thought.

'Then one night, I went out there and I said the line, and just the house went down. And I was like, "Oh, I found it. This is such a good feeling,"' Anne Hathaway shared in an interview recently. 'Of course, I leaned into it because you do. And so I lean into it, and the audience is losing their minds. I look under the wings, the cast is losing their minds. I'm high-fiving myself in my head. I'm just like, "I've arrived. This is happening."'

Masked Thieves

As it turned out, a family of Central Park raccoons stole the show, and no one really cared about the actress' performance as much as they were mesmerized by the animals.

'I get offstage, and they go, "Did you see the raccoons?" And I'm like, "What?" And they just go, "Behind you, as soon as you came on stage, a family of raccoons came out. They were so cute. [We] couldn't focus on the scene because the raccoons were so cute." So I was like, "Well, actually, high five to the raccoons."'

This year, the actress stars in the psychological thriller Mothers' Instinct and the romantic comedy The Idea of You. The former isn't yet available to stream, the latter premieres on Amazon Prime on May 2.

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