And the Award for Most Annoying Young Sheldon Character Goes To…

And the Award for Most Annoying Young Sheldon Character Goes To…
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It's not hard to guess the name.

As Young Sheldon is approaching the end of its sixth installment, many fans are revisiting their memories of the beloved show and discuss who of the characters was the best of all.

Thanks to its talented and diverse writing, the prequel to The Big Bang Theory features a lot of organic and multifaceted characters, and viewers agree that even their flaws make them more relatable.

However, one particular character has been so disturbingly annoying throughout the show's run that some fans would rather cut some of the scenes with him. The only problem is… if it wasn't for that character, there would be no Young Sheldon series at all.

You'll probably agree with us saying that Sheldon himself is the most irritating character on his own show. And it's not surprising at all — most viewers of Young Sheldon were familiar with the character through the parent show, so fans were expecting the same level of annoyance from him in the prequel.

Though The Big Bang Theory doesn't have any real antagonists or overtly nasty characters, Sheldon is arguably the ghastliest member of the Pasadena gang. In his adult years, he is still childish, egocentric, and struggles to show empathy for others. But while his personality in TBBT is pretty insufferable, Sheldon's younger version in the prequel seems even more annoying.

The examples of Sheldon's irritating behavior are plenty on the show — here are just a few.

The first episode that comes to mind is from Season 3, 'An Academic Crime and a More Romantic Taco Bell,' where Sheldon accuses Dr. Sturgis of plagiarism. Sturgis is the man who helped the young genius enter East Texas Tech, which makes Sheldon's accusations morally questionable. Even Dr. Linkletter, whose work was allegedly stolen, takes Sturgis' side in the scandal, but Sheldon just wouldn't listen.

In 'An Entrepreneurialist and a Swat on the Bottom,' also from Season 3, Sheldon is getting on his parents' nerves because nobody is willing to drive him miles to university so that he could take Dr. Linkletter's classes. The boy goes as far as to call his grandmother Meemaw an egotist (how ironic). In her turn, she spanks her grandson behind the camera — much to the relief of annoyed viewers.

In the current Season 6, Sheldon's narcissism is especially evident in the Episode 14, 'A Launch Party and a Whole Human Being.' As Mandy goes into labor, she becomes the center of everyone's attention, but the only thing Sheldon cares about at the moment is who's going to take him to the launch party of his database.

However annoying Sheldon has been throughout the series, we still have to thank him for making Young Sheldon a reality. While there is hardly any hope the character will mend his ways in future episodes, fans are still eagerly waiting to see the two-part finale of Season 6, set to air today, May 18, 2023.