AJLT Stars' Paychecks Revealed, and They Earn Way More Than Stranger Things Cast

AJLT Stars' Paychecks Revealed, and They Earn Way More Than Stranger Things Cast
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At the same time, the Max series can’t hold a candle to the Netflix hit show.

It's been a month since the release of the highly anticipated finale of the second season of And Just Like That. Featuring a brief cameo by Kim Cattrall, who reprised her role as Samantha Jones – arguably the all-time fan-favorite character in the Sex and the City franchise – episode 11 was the best of the entire spin-off.

Led by Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon from the original show, And Just Like That fell far short of fan expectations. However, throughout its run so far, the show's kept getting renewed for more seasons: Just like that, season 3 was greenlit shortly before the season 2 finale premiered.

Now, the lead actresses are said to make $1 million per episode despite the controversy surrounding the show. That is significantly more than what Netflix is paying the cast of Stranger Things, one of the most popular series today.

Revered Cast

And Just Like That is a sequel to one of HBO's most popular shows – Sex and the City – which ran for six consecutive seasons and spawned two big-screen adaptations and a prequel in addition to And Just Like That. As a result, its stars have been household names for twenty-five years, meaning they each have huge fanbases. Naturally, the actresses' compensation packages have to reflect that.

In contrast, Stranger Things primarily features teen actors, many of whom made their debuts on the show. As a result, their levels of fame are much lower than those of Sarah Jessica Parker or Cynthia Nixon. Accordingly, their pay is also lower, with the core cast earning around $300,000 per episode at the height of Stranger Things' success.

Season 5 Raise

The fifth season of Stranger Things was supposed to have started filming this past May, but that didn't happen because of the ongoing WAG strike. However, it's been reported that all the cast members of Netflix's flagship series were given hefty raises. Thus, the teenage actors are expected to each make around $7 million for the upcoming eight-episode season. Meanwhile, veterans Winona Ryder and David Harbour will reportedly each make $9.5 million.

Although Ryder and Harbour's per-episode pay is higher than that of the And Just Like That leads, they still make noticeably less per season, which is rather odd, seeing how Stranger Things is currently one of the hottest shows on the block while AJLT is practically a charity project in comparison.

Which show is better?