AJLT: Even David Eigenberg's Daughter Demands 'Justice for Steve'

AJLT: Even David Eigenberg's Daughter Demands 'Justice for Steve'
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Children and foolans speak the truth.

Fans were on cloud nine when HBO Max announced it was developing a Sex and the City sequel. The original show aired on the network from 1998 to 2004 and attracted millions of viewers all over the globe. Its inspiring female-centred narrative was a novelty many generations enjoyed and remembered fondly.

Perhaps this is why the possibility of seeing the beloved characters ten years after the second big-screen instalment concluded the story seemed so appealing. Sadly, the spin-off titled And Just Like That… failed to impress the fandom.

The sequel offered a completely different narrative by exploring numerous changes in the main characters' lives. Some aspects, such as Samantha's absence and Miranda's departure from her husband Steve for a woman, weren't received well by the audience.

The latter provoked a great deal of outrage and sparked a Justice for Steve movement – so popular that even David Eigenberg's nine-year-old daughter sided with it, David Eigenberg being the actor who portrayed Steve Brady on Sex and the City, Miranda's husband and the father of her son. The two had a complicated history, and the man wasn't perfect, but he was a pretty likeable character. Naturally, many people felt the way the character got treated by the AJLT writers was a disgrace.

Although David Eigenberg, whom you might also know as Lt. Christopher Herrmann from Chicago Fire on NBC, said that he was happy to be a part of the SATC family again, he revealed that his little daughter Myrna didn't appreciate how things turned out for his character.

'She saw some of that Justice for Steve. I was going for the first table read and she goes, "I want you to say: I'm David Eigenberg. I play Steve. And Justice for Steve!"' the actor shared in an interview with E! News.

Admittedly, Eigenberg didn't say it at the table read because he wasn't sure if it would be welcome. Instead, he enjoyed being around the 'beautiful, lovely people' on And Just Like That… Furthermore, the actor praised Cynthia Nixon, who portrays Miranda in the franchise.

It seems that David Eigenberg doesn't hold a grudge against his on-screen wife for leaving his character for a woman. However, many viewers do. As much as people support Miranda in her self-exploration, this arc feels far-fetched, while her relationship with fan-favourite Steve remains mostly unresolved.

Hopefully, season 2 of And Just Like That… will set the record straight (sorry for the pun) between the two, and Steve will get justice. The next episode airs on 29 June.

Source: E! News.