A-Listers Embrace Their Vices and They're Owning It

Image credit: Legion-Media

Why try to hide your bad habits when you can flaunt them like a designer handbag?

Justin Timberlake

Justin is not ashamed of picking his nose — not only at home but also in front of strangers. The star says the bad habit doesn't bother him a bit: "If there's a bogey then just pick it, man."

Brad Pitt

The actor has a penchant for both nose and ear picking in public. Pitt agrees that this might not look very attractive, but he can't control himself. Some believe the actor's bad habit may reflect problems in his nervous system.

Katy Perry

Perry is a bit of a flatulence factory. The singer doesn't deny that she farts a lot: Katy has had intestinal problems for more than a decade now, which make her very gassy. She admits that the only thing she can do about it is apologize in advance for accidentally breaking wind.

Orlando Bloom

Katy's boyfriend Orlando Bloom can wear the same T-shirt for months without changing it. Naturally, his clothes get dirty and smelly over that time, but this doesn't bother Bloom. What's more, the actor isn't particularly keen on showers. Every trip to the bathroom is a torture for him, he admits.

Julia Roberts

Like Orlando, Julia doesn't like washing herself, and she takes a shower only once a week. The actress explains that she is worried about the environment: there's so little freshwater on Earth, daily showers would be a major waste. The Hollywood star also doesn't use deodorant and almost never shaves her armpits.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron doesn't wear deodorant either — and she isn't embarrassed if someone thinks she smells bad. The actress says friends and family have hinted that she needs to reconsider her hygiene principles, but Diaz wouldn't give in. Even better, the star can wear the same clothes for weeks and months. When a garment gets extremely dirty, she simply throws it in the trash — no need to do the laundry!

Robert Pattinson

Pattinson is another celebrity who can't stand taking showers and washing their clothes. The actor can show up to social events with greasy hair — or keep touching it during interviews. However, he does try to fight his bad habit and wear clean clothes when going out.

Megan Fox

Megan's personal hygiene is alright, but the star isn't used to cleaning up after herself. The actress leaves things around the house and never puts them away, and what's more disgusting, Fox always forgets to flush the toilet after using it. Megan's friends have repeatedly asked her to be more mindful, but the actress can't help it — it's just her bad habit.

Christina Aguilera

Apparently, Christina's parents forgot to mention she needs to wash her hands after using the restroom. It's been reported that Christina can leave the ladies' room without having her hands washed and get back to the table to eat — or even shake hands with fans!

Jessica Simpson

Jessica hates brushing her teeth and only does this procedure three times a week. The actress explains that, when her teeth are clean, they just feel too slippery, which causes her discomfort. However, Simpson does floss her teeth occasionally to keep up with Hollywood's expectations — and sometimes, she just uses her shirt to wipe them clean. Gross!