A Definitive Guide to Every Virgin River Theory About Mel's Dad

A Definitive Guide to Every Virgin River Theory About Mel's Dad
Image credit: Netflix

Could it be a perfect stranger?

Can you believe it's been over a month since the first part of Virgin River Season 5 landed on Netflix? As the days fly by, we are getting ever closer to the holiday specials, which are scheduled to premiere on November 30.

And, of course, we are also getting ever closer to the biggest reveal of the season: finding out who Mel's biological father is.

The midseason finale featured a shocking twist when Joey found her and Mel's mother's old love letters, proving that Mel's father was a Virgin River resident. And the official trailer has just confirmed that the upcoming holiday specials will expand on that arc.

But fans of the romantic drama just can't wait and have no choice but to let their imagination run wild as they speculate about who Mel's dad might be. Here, we've got the top five fan theories.

Someone New

Many fans theorize Virgin River could introduce a new character as Mel's father. It would be refreshing and allow the show to explore new storylines. But it is also a very risky move. Viewers may not be as invested in a stranger as they would be in a character they already know and love.


Doc is the most obvious choice, and the one fans have been buzzing about ever since the Dad bomb was dropped. However, the show has already introduced a secret love child into his arc. How many accidental kids can one man have?


The theory that Lily's deceased husband, Buck, is Mel's father sounds nice. After all, the protagonist already has a strong bond with the family and would only be happy to be related to them. Nevertheless, since Buck is dead, we'll never get to meet him and see Mel build a relationship with her father, which would be a shame.


Melissa's brother and Jo Ellen's husband is another plausible candidate, according to fans. Season 5 even gave the character more screen time so we could get to know him better. But could Nick really be a passionate love letter writer?


The grumpy local crop-duster owner being Mel's dad is certainly an intriguing theory that some fans have brought up in various discussions. The character, though, is too minor to fill these huge shoes.


Fans love Bert, the tow truck driver. And many of them would like to see him more on the show. But he seems too young to be a father to someone Mel's age. What do you think?

Who do you think Mel's father might be?