8 Important Lessons We Learned From Better Call Saul's Saul Goodman

Image credit: Legion-Media

Let's look back at what we learnt from the lawyer.

Believe in yourself

Jimmy McGill has a highly complex relationship with his older and much more successful brother Chuck, also a lawyer, who does not think much of Jimmy.

After a humble beginning to his career in his brother's firm's mailroom, Jimmy goes places. And to do that, Jimmy has to believe in himself because nobody else does.

Make a name for yourself, even if it's not yours

As you will remember, Saul Goodman is a flamboyant, somewhat caricature criminal defence lawyer character that James "Jimmy" Morgan McGill creates as a business brand. The name is a play on the phrase, "It's all good, man!". And Saul Goodman becomes a massive brand in the Albuquerque underworld. If you get into trouble, you'd better call Saul!

Double down on your strengths, which are often just the other side of your weaknesses

Chuck was right in that Jimmy makes a lousy average lawyer, but Jimmy turned this weakness into a strength and an opportunity. Rebranding himself as Saul Goodman, he took on cases and resorted to tactics that other "respectable" lawyers would never touch with a ten-foot pole, and he carved out a niche for himself.

Advertising can be creative and cheap

Jimmy advertises Saul on buses, benches and on cheap local TV stations. After all, Saul Goodman is himself, essentially, a walking-talking ad.

Everything about this persona is designed to sell, from the It's All Good Man moniker to the flashy clothes that scream, "a sleazy ambulance chaser for your sleazy shenanigans."

Remember: The number of clients does not necessarily translate into quality

Saul learns this valuable lesson the hard way after running a seemingly successful advertising campaign. A lot of people respond to his ads – the only problem is that half of them are unhinged, and the other half are insolvent.

Treat every customer with respect

Relying on his natural charm, Saul boosts the effect by treating every customer with the utmost respect, making them feel really important, even if they're a dirtbag.

Don't take no for an answer

Saul puts this old negotiating tactic into practice masterfully.

Whenever somebody says no to an offer, Saul changes tactics and gets the client to see the light and accept a paraphrased version of the same offer.

Don't lose your sense of humour (no matter what)

Saul's love of jokes is something he gets from Jimmy, and more than once, it helps him out in a tight spot: he uses jokes to take the other person down a notch, or to make them feel at ease, or even as a coping strategy to keep his cool when a gun is pointed at his head.