7 Rich Celebrities Who Gave Up Luxury for Something More Meaningful

Image credit: Legion-Media

These celebrities traded in their designer clothes for a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer does not hide the fact that she grew up in an ordinary family, and her parents did not always have enough money. The girl is so used to saving on everything that even today, when she gets a lot of money from films, she is in no hurry to spend it.

According to Lawrence, she often buys everything on sale, and collects special coupons. The star is also not picky in clothes. She can go out on the red carpet in a branded dress, but in everyday life chooses things from the mass market.

Sandra Bullock

Everyone, who at least once saw Sandra, said that she is a very kind and sympathetic woman. It is hard to tell that she is a Hollywood star and one of the highest paid actresses.

Bullock is used to living modestly, and she often donates part of the earned money to charity. For example, the actress sent a million dollars to the Red Cross several times.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah was born in a large family with seven other siblings. From an early age she got used to living modestly and saving on everything. Today Parker is a rich star, but that does not mean that she lives the high life.

It turns out that the actress is afraid of going bankrupt and living in poverty again. That's why Sarah buys things to wear at second-hand stores, and her children wear clothes after their elders. This way Sarah wants her kids to know that they can not live like kings just because their parents happen to have money. They themself should strive for something.

Halle Berry

Halle was also born into a poor family, so she's in no hurry to spend the millions she gets today.

She claims that she is not one of those people who has 10 cars and mountains of diamonds. The actress confesses that she saves up all the time because she is afraid that someday her career will come to an end.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu has long been known to have a heart of gold in Hollywood. He is ready to give the last penny to those in need. Once the actor even shared part of his royalty for the film with the crew, because he felt that his colleagues were getting a lot less than they should.

Reeves himself does not spend money on clothes and shoes and wears things out. The actor can eat fast food, and he does not drive an expensive car, but uses public transport. There were photos circulating on the internet of Keanu in tattered clothes talking to homeless people.

The actor is a very modest and simple man, who does not need all these flashy things. By his own admission, money does not matter, because there are more important things in this life.

Anne Hathaway

Anne admits that she does not consider herself an international star, but an ordinary American girl. The actress buys things in mass-market and rides public transport. If anyone happened to see Hathaway in the subway, they would hardly guess that the star is standing next to them.

Julia Roberts

Julia makes a lot of money. For example, she was paid 25 million dollars for her work in the film Mona Lisa Smile. It seems that she can afford any whim, having such money. However, Roberts does not do that.

The star buys clothes at second-hand shops, and she takes shampoos and soaps from hotels, where she often stays, so that she does not spend money on buying cosmetics in stores.