7 Lessons in Disney Movies Only Adults Will Appreciate

7 Lessons in Disney Movies Only Adults Will Appreciate
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It's not just kids who love Disney movies.

Be yourself

Perhaps the most important thing a person can learn to be happy is to love themself and accept their quirks. Our personality and our body are what will be with us for the rest of our lives, but that cannot be said about haters and detractors that are no more than temporary challenges. The person who believes in themself will always find a place in the world, no matter what. The examples can be found more than once in Disney movies.

For example, Elsa from Frozen hated her innate magic power, thought it was dangerous, and blamed herself for all of her family's problems. She took the long road to self-discovery, learned to use her gift for good, and became a true queen.

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Dumbo the elephant, once the laughingstock because of his huge ears, eventually learned to fly with them. The moral of these stories is simple: everything you need is already inside you.

Do not give up on your dreams

The ability to dream opens up new horizons and makes you move forward. This is another important lesson hidden in many fairy tales.

For example, Rapunzel grew up in a tower under the supervision of an evil stepmother witch and was afraid to go out because she was convinced that the world was cruel and dangerous. Every year on her birthday, however, she saw enticing bright lights on the horizon.

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The dream of seeing them up close made her step out of her comfort zone towards her happiness. That is how the girl met her love and found out she was a princess.

Do not be afraid to ask for help

The world is much kinder and more understanding than we sometimes think. It is not only full of dangers, but also of good people. And if you are sincere you will often find help in the most unexpected places.

For example, Aladdin, a poor street thief who fell hopelessly in love with Princess Jasmine, met with Genie and The Magic Carpet who helped him win the heart of his beloved.

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And Snow White, who found herself in a deep forest at night, stumbled upon a house full of dwarves who accepted her as a sister. However, that does not mean that you should do nothing and wait for the chance to come. All Disney characters get help only when they get up and start looking for ways to achieve their goal.

Do not lose your voice

The story of Ariel the Little Mermaid may seem overly metaphorical, but it also contains some valuable insights for any modern person.

No gifts can replace the most basic ability to speak up.

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But you do not realize the true value of it until you lose it. Ariel traded her voice for human feet in order to find her love. But it was her voice that she needed to tell the prince how she felt and to stay alive. The same thing often happens to ordinary people. Of course, no witch Ursula can take away our right to speak, but our own fears and insecurities can do just that.

Do not regret the past

Memories and regrets can be a very dangerous trap. By focusing on past mistakes and failures, we often fail to live in the present and overlook the opportunities that the future holds.

Simba, the lion cub in The Lion King, blamed himself for his father's death and was afraid to return to his kingdom.

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Princess Merida in Brave had the same problem. But both characters were able to overcome their fears and set out on a new path that led them to happiness, success, and loyal friends.

First impressions can be deceiving

Not everything is as it seems. Evil often hides behind a mask of benevolence, just as good is hard to see under layers of bitterness, fear, and resentment.

In the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, the entire town turned against the "scary monster" just because of his fangs and claws.

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Only the kind and dreamy Belle was not afraid to see a person underneath it. And so she saved her love and all his servants from the curse. While Ursula from The Little Mermaid, who tried to lure the prince with Ariel's beautiful voice, turned out to be an evil witch whose ugly soul could not be hidden by any magic.

Make room in your heart for love

And finally, the most fundamental lesson found in almost every Disney movie. The possibility to love and to find someone who loves you is always there, no matter what. The important thing is not to grow bitter and lose hope, but give that feeling a chance.

Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, who had been dormant for years, woke up to the kiss of her true love.

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Anna in Frozen got through Hans’ betrayal, whom she thought was her destiny, and soon met Kristoff, who made her believe in happiness again. And even the enchanted prince of Beauty and the Beast who was condemned to spend his life alone as a monster, resentful of the world, waited until there was the one who loved him for who he was.