7 Celebrities Who Still Can't Get Rid Of Their Childhood Insecurities

Image credit: Legion-Media

Despite their success, these seven A-listers still have a few childhood issues they just can't let go of.

Uma Thurman

Uma always worried about her height; by age 12, she had grown to a towering 180 cm. Her classmates made fun of her all the time because of how tall she was. Guys weren’t much impressed by her hair, either, saying it was too blonde.

The actress makes no secret that she has never seen herself as beautiful. Over the years, though, she has made peace with the idiosyncrasies of her appearance and learned to pay less attention to what others have to say about it.

Angelina Jolie

Many people today would be surprised to learn that Angelina has always had issues because of her big lips. This inhibition can be traced back to her high school years when her classmates taunted her about her lips at every opportunity.

So when she was a kid, she would always deliberately bite on her lower lip to make her mouth look less conspicuous. Angelina does not at all believe that her big lips make her look hotter. And yet, regardless of what she might say, her lips have become her calling card. Furthermore, many women have actually gone under the knife to make their lips look like hers.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie had small lips, and that made her feel insecure. She was convinced at one point that with her tiny mouth, she would never be able to get a boyfriend.

So she went and had plastic surgery to get bigger lips. She now feels fine. In fact, she is so proud of her new and improved lips she will often use makeup to make them stand out.

Paris Hilton

Paris has many virtues, but there is one flaw (in her opinion, of course): it is her large feet.

Hilton wears size 42 shoes and is super-insecure about it. She chooses high-heeled shoes to make sure nobody notices how long her feet really are.

Victoria Beckham

Many people say Victoria is arrogant because she hardly ever smiles. But it’s not arrogance that's keeping her from smiling, it’s her belief that when she smiles she looks really ugly.

Thus, the mask of aloofness that we get in all her photographs.

Linda Evangelista

Linda was born with a rather uniquely shaped nose and her classmates never failed to mention it to her, time and time again.

Even in adulthood, her nose kept bothering her, so she had a nose job and now feels happy.

Julia Roberts

Hollywood’s most famous Pretty Woman was also bullied in high school, believe it or not. Her classmates made fun of her because she was too thin, too tall and because her mouth was too big.

Naturally, Julia ended up with all sorts of insecurities and inhibitions about her looks. But she decided to face them head-on by taking part in a bunch of beauty pageants.

Today, Julia does not think she’s beautiful but she says she has learned to just roll with what nature has given her.