7 Celebrities Who Have Embraced Their Grey Hair And Look Better For It

Image credit: Legion-Media

It would seem, in theory, that celebrities generally tend to hide their grey hair.

But some of them actually get better with age and choose not to “pay their surgeon very well to break the spell of ageing”, even if they live in California.

These stars are hard to imagine without their grey hair: it's become part and parcel of their new look. At some point, they decided to embrace ageing and won out in the long term. There are even those who dye their hair grey to look the part.

Steve Martin

When he was young, Steve Martin had chestnut hair, but by age 32, he had gone completely grey. Today, the comedian famous for his roles in The Jerk, Roxanne, and The Pink Panther has a head of completely white hair that's become his signature look.

George Clooney

Some fans point out the distinctive colours of George Clooney's beard and hair, but such comments are invariably complimentary as Clooney is like wine and only gets better with age. George's hair started going grey back in 2009 when Up in the Air came out. Clooney says his first reaction was shock, but as time passed, he fully embraced his new look.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba is only partially grey: so far, he's only got grey hair in his beard. It's become part of his image, and he doesn't like shaving it off, which he sometimes has to do to play clean-shaven characters.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep has let her blonde hair go naturally grey. Fans have grown to love this new and improved look. The actress went public with it in the iconic role of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. And in 2018, Streep wowed attendees at the Oscars when she paired her grey hair with a bright red dress.

Steve Carell

Audiences first saw Carell's grey hair in 2017. His fans immediately let loose a series of well-wishing memes about their idol's new look. In response, the actor joked that he was tired of all the attention being paid to his appearance, noting that it was all down to his genes and he had no agency in the matter. The actor was also quoted as saying he took pride in his grey hair.

Diane Keaton

When she was young, Diane Keaton was blonde, think back to The Godfather. She stayed blonde through most of her life; think Something's Gotta Give. In 2004 she won a Best Actress Golden Globe for it. Ten years later, she turned up for the Golden Globes sporting her new look with a head of grey hair, and her fans totally loved it.

Kelly Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne's daughter has clearly inherited her father's passion for extravagance. How else can you explain her grey hair? Kelly is just 38 and has long been dying her hair white and grey, diluting it with purple and pink.