6 Celeb Couples Who Will Make You Believe in Happily Ever After

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True love endures despite not being seen as hip anymore.

Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio

It was love at first sight when the famous Americna baseball player first saw a newspaper photo of Hollywood’s biggest sex symbol of the time. Joe’s intentions couldn’t have been purer, unlike most men who saw her as a sex object back then. He simply wanted to meet her and talk to her. They eventually met through some mutual friends.

Monroe was pleasantly surprised to find Di Maggio was not obsessed with sleeping with her, as most men were. She was later quoted as saying that she had never met such a caring and loving man in her life. DiMagio was different and it registered big time with her.

The two got married two years after they first laid eyes on each other. As the wedding was underway, the white orchids in the wedding bouquet began to wilt, so Monroe got DiMagio to promise her that he would bring fresh flowers to her grave every week when she was gone. Joe was too happy to really take notice of the macabre request.

Their happiness did not last long, however, they broke up only nine months later. Yet their passion for each other was so overpowering that in 1962 they got back together and were planning to have another wedding, but Monroe died just a few days before the date they’d setlted on.

Di Maggio took the news really hard. He vowed to never marry again and remained single for the rest of his life. And he kept his promise that he’d given his bride at the wedding: he brought a bouquet of fresh flowers to her grave three times a week for 20 years.

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer

Mary was just starting out in her acting career when she fell madly in love with the actor John Cazale, whom she met while they were both performing in the stage production of Measure for Measure. She wasn’t dissuaded by either the rather significant age gap (John was 14 years older) or the fact that John was married.

Cazale took the relationship very seriously too, promising to get a divorce and marry Meryl. Unfortunately, their plans were derailed by John’s lung cancer that killed him in very short order. To add insult to injury, heartbroken and despondent, Meryl was also left homeless shortly after.

Her brother suggested she should stay at his friend’s apartment while said friend was away on an extended trip. The friend was the famous sculptor Don Gummer. He one day dropped by his place for a short visit and met the charming young girl. Meryl didn’t know how to thank Don for his hospitality so she promised to write him letters while he was travelling.

Meryl was emotionally crushed at the time, having been devastated by John Cazale’s untimely death. She felt like an old woman, then she got kicked out of her home. Her way of dealing with the pain and despair was through lots and lots of work, as she went about trying to come to terms with her new life and heal. She admits she was probably quite selfish during that period of her life.

Don saw her as a lonely young woman devastated by the death of her loved one. He saw his correspondence with her as charity, as a way to help her deal with her grief. But it was through this correspondence that Hammer slowly but surely fell in love with the young actress that he kept getting regular letters from. Meanwhile, Meryl Streep also soon realised she was developing feelings for her pen pal.

The next time Don came home, he proposed to Meryl. So six months after John Cazale died, Meryl married Don. They have been together ever since. In this time, they’ve had four daughters. Meryl says the key to their successful relationship is that they’ve always understood each other.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith

Will and Jada first met in 1990 when both were auditioning for Prince of Beverly Hills. Will was trying to get the lead role and Jada was auditioning for the lead’s girlfriend. Will got his role but Jada didn’t. The two became friends, though.

Taking the relationship beyond friendship was out of the question as Smith was married at the time. However, five years later, his marriage collapsed and Jada was there to pick up the pieces. Smith fell head over heels for her.

It took Smith a long time to win her over and convince her he was serious. Just giving her a bouquet every day was not enough, Smith went above and beyond and had an entire van stuffed with flowers brought to her house daily. Jada finally agreed to date him.

The two got engaged just hours before the end of 1997. Jada was already expecting their first child, Haden. Two years later, they had a daughter, Willow. Over time there have been some nasty rumours about their relationship, but the two still remain together and seem quite happy.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

Goldie and Kurt first met in 1967 at a film audition. Kurt was only 16 at the time and Goldie was 21. They pretty much ignored each other. Kurt thought Goldie was too old and she thought he was just a kid.

Next time they saw each other was 20 years later. They had both been married and divorced, they both had children and had both been disillusioned with love. They were cast together in Swing Shift and it made them reappraise each other and their views of romance. It wasn’t dead after all.

Goldie liked how calm and kind Kurt was and how he immediately hit it off with her kids. He didn’t try to get them to like him. He was brutally honest with them, telling them that him falling in love with their mother didn’t mean he fell in love with them and that they didn’t have to like him, either. He suggested that they all just be chill about it and act natural. The kids loved it.

So Goldie figured she might as well date Kurt. They have stayed together ever since. They never got married officially, believing that true love does not need the state’s stamp of approval.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Before Sarah and Mathew met they had both loved and been disappointed. Sarah dated Robert Downey Jr. for a long time and she got the worst of his substance and alcohol abuse as well as cheating. One day she just got fed up with it and dumped him.

Mathew had some trials and tribulations of his own: he caused a serious accident and was charged with manslaughter. He didn’t go to prison but his life was left in ruins. To add insult to injury, his then girlfriend Jennifer Grey, the star of Dirty Dancing, left him.

Things started looking up for both after they met at a party in 1991. Sarah later remembered how she felt like a talk show host as she was doing all the talking while Mathew was just looking interested and nodding sagely.

Matthew really appreciated Sarah’s sense of humour. He realised he enjoyed Sarah’s company more than any other woman’s. The two got married in 1997. They threw a big wedding reception that hundreds of guests were invited to. Five years later, they had a son, James.

They were doing fine until the paparazzi caught Mathew cheating. In 2008, they took photos of him in the company of a young waitress that he was being extra nice to and clearly treating her as more than just a friend. That came as a huge shock to Sarah, naturally, but she didn’t act rashly.

She gave her partner the chance to explain himself. Mathew essentially said he went looking for love elsewhere because his wife was too busy at work. They then went into couple therapy and were able to mend their relationship.

Sarah was then filling out forms to get a surrogate child as she’d been dreaming of becoming a mother again for quite some time. One year later, the couple had twins, Marion and Tabitha. The new arrivals strengthened the relationship between Mathew and Sarah even more.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michale and Catherin met at a private screening of The Mask of Zorro, in which Catherine played the female lead. Michale liked her so much that when he was introduced to her, he said he wanted to father her children.

Catherine was flattered, and later said she immediately fell for Michael. Michael was married, though, and Catherine didn’t feel like the idea of dating a married guy. Plus, Michale had the reputation of a playboy and Catherine didn’t feel like becoming yet another plaything in his vast collection. Michale was relentless, however, and over a period of five months he was able to wear her down and get her to agree to date him.

He proposed to her on 31 December 1991, on New Year’s eve. They were both ill with flu at the time. Catherine said no.

They did get married the following year, though. They have two children, Carys and Dylan. In the time they’ve been together they’ve gone through some tough times, but they’ve remained together through thick and thin, like a real family.