5 Times Harry Potter Was Just Plain Ungrateful

5 Times Harry Potter Was Just Plain Ungrateful
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Maybe Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon had a point?

Imagine you’ve just turned 11 years old, and you suddenly discover you’re a wizard who can access this entire other world, cast spells and…well… humiliate your annoying cousin.

You’d be over the moon, wouldn’t you?

In fact, it’s hard to imagine that anything could wipe the smile off your face. Ok, maybe an evil and massively powerful wizard repeatedly trying to kill you would be a bit irritating. But Harry Potter seemed to spend an awful lot of his time at Hogwarts feeling like the whole world was against him. And at times it was.

But did he have to be so ungrateful so often?

Here are 5 examples of when he had no right to feel the way he did:

  1. School work: We’ve all been to school and had to do work. It’s part of being a teenager. And let’s be honest, most of the lessons were pretty practical – and there didn’t appear to be any mention of Shakespeare or trigonometry. So, he actually had it pretty easy

  2. He did magic at school: That’s right. Actual magic at school. And he’d already had five years of school where there was no magic so there was no excuse for the novelty to ever wear off.

  3. A teacher didn’t like him: Boo hoo. Everyone has a teacher who doesn’t like them. And think of the tricks you could play on them when you can do magic. Sorry, Harry. We know that Snape was extremely mean and Dumbledore was very manipulative, but what about the other teachers who supported you?

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  4. Hogwarts history: After being whisked off to this wonderful new world (which to be fair he was frequently in awe of) and told that he was the Boy Who Lived and the great saviour of the wizarding world, he basically didn’t seem to care about the history of the place or who previous great wizards were. He just settled on the fact that he liked chocolate frogs, was a big fan of Dumbledore and would be the hero of every school year.

  5. He thought Hermione wasn’t as fun as Ron: Now, he did only think it. And he was a teenager at the time so it’s pretty much par for the course that he’d think stuff that was far worse than that. The issue was the timing. This all came about when Hermione was doing all she could to help him win the Triwizard Tournament. So, you’d have thought that even in his head he’d be a bit more grateful for her efforts.