5 Star Wars Plot Details That Make Zero Sense and Still Bug Us

5 Star Wars Plot Details That Make Zero Sense and Still Bug Us
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A Galaxy Far, Far Away from plot consistency.

Since the debut of George Lucas's A New Hope in 1977, the Star Wars universe has expanded to unprecedented scales, both inside and outside the current Disney-owned properties.

Speaking of Disney, genuine fans of Lucas's work are still ranting and raving about the prequel trilogy, pillorying it for numerous plot inconsistencies. It has to be said, though, that Lucas's original hexalogy and the acclaimed Filoniverse also had their fair share of glaring plot holes.

5. Where was Ahsoka during the Original Trilogy?

Thanks to the Dave Filoni-led animated series Rebels, we understand Ahsoka Tano was closely allied with the Ghost Crew of Lothal and the covert operations run by Rex and Mon Mothma. Yet, her paths never crossed with either Leia or Luke, which doesn't make much sense.

4. Jedi Order as a Myth

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There's roughly a two-decade gap between the events of the prequels and the original trilogy. The notorious Order 66, which emerged after the war against the Separatists, sent shockwaves throughout the galaxy. Granted, the vastness of space and the efficiency of the Empire's propaganda could have played a role, but it's peculiar that the Jedi, once spread out across the galaxy, were barely remembered a mere thirty years later.

3. The Death Star Sparing Yavin

The Rebel base was located on Yavin IV, one of the moons orbiting the gas giant Yavin. In Episode IV, the Death Star took its time approaching the moon to annihilate it, giving the Rebels plenty of time to neutralize it before it got to its destination. What's puzzling is why Palpatine and Vader didn't choose to destroy Yavin itself, especially given their prior destruction of Alderaan.

2. Leia Remembering Her Real Mother

In a heartfelt exchange between Luke and Leia on Endor, Leia claimed to recall her mother, despite being adopted by the Organas. However, the prequels revealed that Padme perished shortly after giving birth. Two plausible explanations emerge: Leia's memories stem from her Force sensitivity or the writers overlooked the narrative implications this would have 20 years down the line.

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1. Luke Could Feel Leia, but Anakin Couldn't?

The most perplexing inconsistency is Darth Vader's inability to sense Leia, even after discovering that Anakin and Padme had twins. In contrast, Luke could sense both siblings. Did the Dark Side severely impair Anakin's Force intuition?