5 Ridiculous Big Bang Theory Plot Holes Solved By Young Sheldon

5 Ridiculous Big Bang Theory Plot Holes Solved By Young Sheldon
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Thanks to the spin-off, fans finally know the answers to some of the questions that plagued them in the original series.

The CBS series The Big Bang Theory was one of the most popular sitcoms of its era, so the network's decision to produce a spin-off devoted to the Sheldon Cooper formative years seemed the most logical.

And Young Sheldon proved to be a success, delighting old fans of the series as well as acquiring new ones. And with a fresh take on Sheldon at their disposal, people were finally able to resolve some important plot holes in the original series.

Here are five plot holes solved by Young Sheldon:

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Sheldon never mentioned his college years

Fans were always annoyed that a grown-up Sheldon never talked about his college experience, even though it was well known that he graduated from East Texas Tech.

In the spin-off, this plot hole was finally addressed, as it was revealed that Sheldon had a tough time in college, often arguing with his professors about his dream project. The experience seems to have left Sheldon scarred for life and made him refuse to talk about his college years.

Why Sheldon never hated Penny

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Despite Sheldon's strong dislike of all normal people, he never hated Penny, which always surprised fans a little. Penny seemed like the perfect target for Sheldon's hatred, but he never disliked her or insulted her. Thanks to the spin-off, fans were able to realize that Penny reminded Sheldon of his sister Missy, who was not academically capable, but had a wonderful emotional intelligence and cared deeply for others.

How the roommate agreement was born

When college professors tried to derail Sheldon's database project due to technicalities, Sheldon's obsession to keep his life under control was born. Fans believe this was the reason the roommate agreement between him and Leonard was developed, as Sheldon sought to control everything that happened around him.

How Sheldon caught his father cheating

One of the most famous anecdotes told by the adult Sheldon in the original series was the recollection of him peeping at his father's cheating. Although it sounded pretty plausible at the time, in Young Sheldon the young genius was driven around by various relatives, which meant that Sheldon couldn't show up at home during the day without everyone finding out about it.

However, in one episode Sheldon found himself alone at home on a random weekday, proving that he could turn up at home without everyone noticing.

Why the Coopers missed Sheldon's Nobel Prize ceremony

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Although it was very disappointing not to see Sheldon's family during his Nobel Prize acceptance speech in the finale of The Big Bang Theory, the reason for this was explained in the spin-off. During Sheldon's problems in college, none of his relatives supported him in any way, causing Sheldon to dismiss them as people who cared about his academic achievements. So, none of them were even invited to the Nobel Prize.