5 Reasons Tom Felton is the Harry Potter Fandom's Biggest Supporter

5 Reasons Tom Felton is the Harry Potter Fandom's Biggest Supporter
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Tom Felton is the champion of all Potterheads, and we love him for it.

It's been over 21 years since one of the greatest cinematic journeys of all time, the Harry Potter franchise, began — and almost 12 years since it ended with the eighth installment. But it seems that the Wizarding World fandom has only grown bigger and stronger over the years, and it is especially heartwarming to see those who made the magic happen carry on the hype.

One of the biggest Harry Potter fans is Tom Felton, the actor who played Harry's nemesis Draco Malfoy. Felton has never let go of the franchise and its huge fandom, and here are some facts to prove it.

He's the greatest HP fan

Tom Felton's Instagram page is basically one giant Harry Potter fan account with an emphasis on Slytherin pride and nearly 12 million followers. It's impossible to count the number of times the actor made Potterverse fans happy with reunions with his former co-stars, hilarious and heartwarming references, and clever Harry Potter puns.

He never gets tired of talking about HP

While other stars sometimes feel overwhelmed by the Potter craze and try to distance themselves from the franchise, Tom Felton is always ready to answer even the silliest questions and meet with fans.

'It's utterly undeniable that the Potter fandom flame is not dying anytime soon, and I think it's fantastic,' Tom told 1883 Magazine. 'I definitely embrace the passion and love [people] have for Potter.'

He's written a book about the franchise

In 2022, Felton published Beyond The Wand, a book about his on-set experiences with the Harry Potter movies. Featuring lots of sweet and funny behind-the-scenes stories, Beyond The Wand has sent the Wizarding World fandom into a frenzy, and people say reading the book is like having a conversation with Tom himself.

He's grateful for the hype and doesn't take it for granted

Aside from making appearances at various Wizarding World events, Tom Felton never stops thanking his fans for the love they send his way.

'I am definitely in a lucky enough position to say, "I think it's awesome",' Felton commented on the immense success of the Potterverse, according to Cinemablend.

He's ready to return to the Potterverse at the drop of a hat

With the Harry Potter TV reboot on everyone's lips, Felton has delighted die-hard fans with his unequivocal willingness to return to the Wizarding World.

'If you're asking me, will I dye my hair blonde again to be Draco, abso-bloody-lutely. Either [him or Lucius]. I'll play Draco's kid if you really want! Any chance to be a Malfoy again would be greatly accepted,' the actor told People.

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