5 Questions Bridgerton Fans Have About Queen Charlotte Timeline

5 Questions Bridgerton Fans Have About Queen Charlotte Timeline
Image credit: Netflix

You've got questions… but the answers are just confusing.

All hail Charlotte! Everyone's favorite monarch is returning to Netflix in Queen Charlotte, a Bridgerton sequel/prequel that shows us flashbacks of the character's first arrival in the court of England.

The show also explores the beginnings of Charlotte's friendship with Violet not-yet-Bridgerton, and the woman who will become Lady Danbury. Fans are eager to learn more about this hotly anticipated spinoff… but they also have some questions about the timeline.

  1. What year is Queen Charlotte set in?

So far we haven't been given an exact year, but in real life Charlotte was presented at court in 1761. The new show introduces the Earl of Bute, who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain between 1762 and 1763.

So it seems like Queen Charlotte is sticking to historical dates. How awesome, right?! We love a show that makes an effort towards historical accuracy!

  1. Doesn't that create inconsistency?

Does this mean season one of Bridgerton is set in 1813? Yep! About 50 years later. But don't worry – that won't cause any timeline issue, right? Right?

  1. If Charlotte is 17 years old in 1761, wouldn't that make her 70 in Bridgerton Season 2?

Yes! But maybe she just looks amazing for her age. Ditto Violet Bridgerton, who is 12 at the time of QC and therefore 65 in Bridgerton S2. Werk, ladies! Whatever skin care routine you're using is awesome!

  1. How can Violet be 65 in Bridgerton?

Wouldn't that mean she didn't have Anthony until she was 36, and then she started popping babies out nonstop well into her 50s? No, no, no, that doesn't make sense. Even today that doesn't really happen! In the Regency you'd probably be dead!

If this timeline really wanted to make sense, Violet wouldn't be a preteen in Queen Charlotte. She would actually be…*checks notes*... like, – two years old.

  1. Well, at least Lady Danbury's timeline makes sense, right?

Er… maybe? But the young version of the character is childless in QC, and we know that she goes on to have four kids. So where are they during the events of Bridgerton? Her contemporaries have kids that are teens and under, so what's the deal here?

Clearly, you have questions… and we don't have answers. Of course, we didn't really watch Bridgerton for its strict historical accuracy or airtight logic. While it's doubtful that Queen Charlotte can resolve its timeline issues, the biggest question of all is: is anybody really going to care?