5 Must-Watch Netflix Original Movies Coming in Late 2023

5 Must-Watch Netflix Original Movies Coming in Late 2023
Image credit: Netflix

Netflix is ready to please with new releases.

The Hollywood strikes are now in their fourth month, and the TV schedules for the remaining half of 2023 are incredibly blank for the first time in years.

But that hasn't affected streaming services much, at least not for the rest of this year, as many of them have stocked up on no small number of interesting releases. Here are five feature movies coming to Netflix before the end of 2023.

5. The Killer

Release date: November 10

David Fincher is ready to present a new movie, The Killer, an adaptation of the French neo-noir comic series of the same name by Matz and Luc Jacamon. The plot revolves around a cold-blooded hitman with no remorse who tries to retire but finds himself once again at the center of major geopolitical events. The cast is led by Michael Fassbender.

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4. Leave the World Behind

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Release date: December 8

Based on the novel by Rumaan Alam, Sam Esmail's film features a truly stellar cast: Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, Mahershala Ali, Kevin Bacon, to name a few. The movie follows a family renting a house on Long Island when their landlord rushes in to report a blackout. However, it turns out this isn't an isolated incident, as the whole world is about to collapse.

3. Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget

Release date: December 15

Twenty-three years after their feature debut, Aardman Animations is back with a sequel to Chicken Run, produced in association with Pathé (with whom they worked on the first film) and StudioCanal. Original writers Karey Kirkpatrick and John O'Farrell have penned the story, which will follow everyone's favorite avian characters — British chicken Ginger and American rooster Rocky Rhodes.

2. Maestro

Release date: December 20

One of the most anticipated releases is Maestro, directed by Bradley Cooper, who also collaborated with Josh Singer on the script. The movie's producers are big names too: Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg. Maestro tells the story of legendary composer Leonard Bernstein, who wrote the music for West Side Story, and his romance with actress and anti-war activist Felicia Montealegre.

1. Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire

Release date: December 22

Although Zack Snyder's endeavors have been unsuccessful in recent years, Rebel Moon seems like an incredibly ambitious project. It was originally a Star Wars script that Snyder pitched for Lucasfilm. After the rejection, he decided to make his own movie. Rebel Moon will revolve around a former Imperial soldier seeking redemption and trying to stand up to the oppressive forces that have taken over the galaxy.