5 Movies That Will Definitely Boost Your Self-Confidence

Image credit: Legion-Media

Through sheer determination and hard work, these films prove that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Sex & Mrs. X (2000)

How do you get yourself together after a bad breakup or after being betrayed by the closest person? Is it possible to rebuild your life? The answer to these questions is sought by the young, successful heroine played by Linda Hamilton (you will remember her from the Terminator). After her husband breaks up with her, she decides to go to one of the most romantic cities on earth - Paris, where she meets Madame Simone, experienced in matters of love and relationships. What tips will she give to the unlucky protagonist and where will it lead her? You’ll find out when you watch this beautiful film.

Eat Pray Love (2010)

There is hardly another modern film that gets recommended more often to a female audience than this one. Still, if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check it out! With its lively aesthetic and vibrant characters, it describes a journey not only in the physical sense (not just around the world, even though that’s the premise), but a journey into yourself. The movie is light and even girly, and who doesn’t want some girliness from time to time? By the way, the main character's incredible story begins with… you guessed it, a divorce.

Feel Pretty (2018)

A must-see movie for those who fixate on their imperfections (that makes all of us). It's easy to relate to the protagonist’s struggle: after all, who among us hasn't tried to go on a diet or promised they would start jogging on Monday? In the movie, the universe itself steps in and makes the girl feel irresistible. How is this going to change her life?

Revolutionary Road (2008)

This movie is a rather simple but really touching tale about a failing marriage, a personal crisis, and the place of dreams in our everyday life. A married couple, played by the stunning Kate and Leo, seem to have everything they need to be happy: a beautiful house, smart children, and a steady income. But is it all a person needs to be content? The film does make you sympathize with the characters’ struggles but, most importantly, it also leaves you with a sense of hope. Revolutionary Road is a movie that will help you look at marriage and love a little differently.

La Vie en Rose (2007)

Biographies of prominent people have the power to inspire. For instance, Edith Piaf's life journey was not “la vie en rose”, as she had to pave her way from the slums to the very top by herself and only by virtue of her personal strength, talent, persistence, and hard work. Everyone has these qualities in them and the movie La Vie en Rose proves that success comes to those who use them. If you believe there’s no point trying since nothing ever works no matter how hard you’re grinding, be sure to watch this film! You'll get the necessary motivation and inspiration. Things will come at the right time!