5 Great Twilight Book Scenes That Didn't Make It Into the Movies

5 Great Twilight Book Scenes That Didn't Make It Into the Movies
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The scenes and stories that didn’t make it into the film adaptation.

When watching movies and TV shows based on our favourite novels, we understand that screenwriters, directors, and editors must omit certain details to maintain an appropriate movie length and narrative consistency.

Nevertheless, we often wish that some moments were included in the adaptations, as not only do they make the characters more realistic, but they also make the story more profound and compelling. A prime example is the adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's The Twilight Saga novels.

Here is a list of scenes from the book that we would have loved to have seen in the movies.

5. Bella working at Newton's Olympic Outfitters

Although not significantly different from Bella's leisure time in the books, the movies depict Bella spending her free time exclusively with Edward when not at school. However, in the books New Moon and Eclipse, Bella also earns money by working part-time at a sporting goods store with Mike Newton. While not a big deal, this arc certainly adds another dimension to Bella’s character, making her more interesting.

4. Chapter 13: Confessions

In this chapter of the first book, Bella learns about Edward's true abilities and that their closeness is too dangerous for her: Emmett had strong attachments to two humans, for whom intimacy with him ended tragically.

3. Chapter 14: Mind Over Matter

Following the previous chapter, Bella and Edward spend time together in her bedroom, where Edward confesses that he has often visited her to watch her sleep. Although creepy, this detail adds complexity to Edward's character.

2. Angela and Bella as good friends

While Bella becomes closer to Angela Weber in the movies, their friendship is much deeper in the books. They spend more time together, make graduation invitations, and Bella helps Angela attend prom with Ben Cheney (who doesn't appear in the movies at all).

These small moments add depth to Bella's character.

1. Chapter 5: Blood Type

This chapter's school scene is charming and amusing, and it introduces a running gag to the franchise. Regrettably, the screenwriters did not include it in the film adaptation. In biology class, Bella discovers her fear of blood (oh, the irony!) and faints. Mike volunteers to help her, but a jealous Edward pushes him away so he can carry her to the doctor himself.