5 Details Disney's Little Mermaid Remake Borrowed From the Original

5 Details Disney's Little Mermaid Remake Borrowed From the Original
Image credit: Legion-Media

There's no need to change perfection.

The highly anticipated reboot has recently been released, making an impressive $327 million at the box office – nearly double its production costs. As another movie adaptation of Disney's classic motion pictures, like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, it takes viewers on a delightful journey through a story they have known since childhood.

Understandably, the remake includes various new features and has generally been updated to meet today's standards. However, it remains largely based on the well-known tale that Disney has adapted before for both big and small screens, producing multiple movie instalments and TV series.

Here are five things the new Little Mermaid borrowed from the original version, albeit with some minor alterations.

  1. The Main Plot

First and foremost, the remake follows the same storyline – Ariel feels like an outsider in her own home and yearns to explore the surface world where she meets Prince Eric. Although several details have been altered and new characters and plotlines introduced, the basic story remains the same, only now with a more realistic and human touch, however ironic that may sound.

  1. The Characters

In terms of characters, The Little Mermaid features the same familiar faces like King Triton, Sebastian, Ariel's sisters, and Ursula, not to mention the mermaid herself. However, some characters' backgrounds have been altered to make the story more appealing and logical. For instance, Ursula is now Triton's sister, which makes their feud much more understandable.

  1. The Locations

Despite the differences in appearance, including overall graphics, viewers can still recognise the underwater palace, Ursula's den, and Ariel's hideaway. In other words, the imagery pays homage to the original motion picture.

  1. Character Dynamics

Although the general plot and characters remain the same, it's worth mentioning that some characters have been given more in-depth treatment. For example, Ariel and Eric's relationship is portrayed as much deeper than in the original film.

  1. Part of Your World

Disney wouldn't be Disney without its iconic songs. The Little Mermaid remake couldn't help but incorporate the original songs, especially Part of Your World, which the 1989 motion picture was famous for. This nod to continuity is a nice touch, even though some of the lyrics have been updated.