5 Clues John Wick's Not Dead Yet After JW4's Finale

5 Clues John Wick's Not Dead Yet After JW4's Finale
Image credit: Lionsgate

You should have never doubted the unbreakable John Wick, as these five clues suggest there may still be more from him to come.

The thrilling world of John Wick left fans at the edge of their seats with the exhilarating fourth installment. Yet while many walked away believing they had seen the end of Keanu Reeves as the iconic deadly assassin, a closer look reveals that the Baba Yaga might be lurking in the shadows still.

Here are five tantalizing clues that suggest John Wick is far from finished.

1. A Grave Matter

In the final scenes of John Wick: Chapter 4, we see John slump down from his wounds after an agonizingly long battle for victory. Then, a shot of his gravestone next to his wife's. However, we never actually see John Wick physically buried nor receive proof of his death. Could this omission be an intentional plot hole or a hint that Wick remains alive after all?

2. The Suspicious Exchange

In the same graveyard scene, The Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) turns to Winston (Ian McShane) and asks, 'Where do you think he is, heaven or hell?'. Winston cryptically responds, 'I'm not sure,' which certainly raises some eyebrows. To add to the intrigue, John's loyal canine companion looks up as if sensing his master nearby.

Were these events subtle signals that John Wick is not dead but hiding nearby, maybe even watching them at that moment?

3. A Ghost in Search of a Graveyard

Marquis Vincent de Gramont (Bill Skarsgård), the main adversary of the film, insists that John Wick has nothing left to live for, proclaiming him 'but a ghost in search of a graveyard.' Considering that a graveyard inevitably is where the film ends, it could be that upon concluding his time as an assassin for the high table, John does indeed find what he is metaphorically looking for. But this does not explicitly mean he has to be dead or has no means of returning for more.

4. The Alternate Ending

In an interview with Empire, director Chad Stahelski revealed that an original ending for John Wick: Chapter 4 showed the titular character alive and kicking. Though he didn't delve into specifics about this alternative ending, he disclosed that it was shot and only scrapped because test audiences preferred the ambiguity of Wick's fate. The very existence of this alternate ending effectively proves Wick was never meant to die at the end of the film.

5. An Unfinished Story

Although Chapter 4 was released earlier in the year, the original intention was to make the fourth and fifth movies back-to-back. Due to delays, the development of the fourth movie was pushed ahead, and the fifth paused. However, Lionsgate has confirmed that a fifth chapter is still in development.

Not to mention that the studio's desire to explore more of John Wick's world is evident, especially considering the enormous continuing success of the franchise. This previous film made almost five times more at the global box office than the franchise's first installment. Therefore, the studio may be holding the door open for John Wick's return in a big way.

Source: Empire, Digital Spy.