5 Biggest Fan Expectations from Virgin River Season 6

5 Biggest Fan Expectations from Virgin River Season 6
Image credit: Netflix

The sixth installment must clean up the mess left by Season 5.

Rumor has it that the sixth season of Netflix's fan-favorite romantic drama Virgin River is about to start filming. With that in mind, fans can't help but be excited. But as much as it's great to know that another installment is coming, viewers want to be sure that it won't disappoint them story-wise.

Here are five main things Virgin River fans want to see in Season 6.

Mel and Jack's Post-Miscarriage Journey as a Couple

Though Mel and Jack finally got some quality time together in Season 5, the last episode proved tragic for Virgin River's central duo as they suffered a miscarriage. Hopefully, Season 6 will give them a chance to find happiness and peace, and recapture the chemistry that was so palpable in the show's earlier seasons. Considering that VR focuses on the relationship between these two characters, this is pretty much all the fans want to see.

Preacher's Crime Resolved

As the titular town's ultimate good guy, Preacher has a strange tendency to get into trouble. For example, in the show's first season, he managed to fall in love with Paige, who accidentally killed her abusive ex-husband. And instead of calling the police and explaining that it was self-defense, Paige and Preacher hid the body in the neighboring woods. But the wildfires that swept through Virgin River and the surrounding area exposed the body, and now John has to face his past mistakes. Naturally, fans are hoping he'll get away with a crime he didn't commit.

Doc and Hope's Revived Relationship

Among many other things, Season 5 of Virgin River saw the revival of Hope and Doc's romance after its brief hiatus. With Doc proposing to the town's mayor (again), it's no wonder the audience is eager to see the two characters in a healthy and happy relationship. Plus, they now have a young family and a newborn to care for...

Mel's Biological Father Arc Explored

The main source of suspense in Season 5, Mel's bio-dad storyline turned out to be quite disappointing as a completely unknown character was revealed to be the man in question. As a result, viewers are clamoring for more exploration of this storyline - specifically, the question of why we've never met Everett in five seasons needs to be answered.

Charmaine Is Out of the Picture

Virgin River's most annoying character, Charmaine, seems to have been on the show only to spite Mel and ruin her and Jack's romance. Now that Charmaine has finally given birth to her twins, there's no point in her being there at all, so fans are wishing she'd move on and leave the main duo alone.