3 Hidden Messages in Barbie Only Adults Will Understand

3 Hidden Messages in Barbie Only Adults Will Understand
Image credit: Legion-Media

Weird Barbie is the most adult character in the film.

One of the reasons Greta Gerwig's Barbie became such a box-office hit is that it appeals to both children and adults on different levels. While younger audiences can enjoy the visuals, the well-structured plot, and the jokes in the movie, adults will find a deeper and sometimes darker meaning to it all.

Perhaps the most profound and symbolic character in the film is not Margot Robbie's protagonist, but Weird Barbie, played by Kate McKinnon.

Living on the outskirts of Barbieland in a crazy house and looking like no one else, Weird Barbie is a captivating character for children, but her arc has some hidden messages that only mature viewers will be able to grasp.

She is weird not by choice

Weird Barbie has outlandish makeup, a funny haircut, and an eccentric wardrobe that makes her stand out from the crowd. But this was not her own choice. While other dolls fully identify with their outfits, Weird Barbie is clearly a test subject for a kid with a penchant for fashion.

In the real world, this kid prefers to make Barbie dresses rather than use the ready-made clothes, cuts their doll's hair with safety scissors, and draws on her face with a permanent marker.

She is an old doll

A unique feature of Weird Barbie is that she always does the splits. Modern kids who are used to playing with bend-leg dolls won't see this as a reference to old Barbie models that had one-piece legs.

Barbies got bendy legs in the mid-60s, which makes Weird Barbie a really old model. She is also an abandoned doll, as evidenced by the basement smell joke she makes about herself. No doubt she smells like a basement because she spent a lot of time there in the real world.

She is symbolic

Thanks to her tragic long life, Weird Barbie knows more about the real world than any other resident of Barbieland, and it's no wonder others come to her for advice and help in times of need. She acts as a kind of wise elder figure often encountered in ancient and modern tales.

What's more, Weird Barbie is clearly a representative of the queer community. She doesn't fit into any idea of what Barbie is, and she's totally okay with that. There's no doubt this weird character is there to teach both kids and adults something important about the real world.