25 Lesser-Known Fantasy Films of the 80s Everyone Forgot About

25 Lesser-Known Fantasy Films of the 80s Everyone Forgot About
Image credit: Legion-Media

When you think about the 80s, it's usually the big hair, neon leg warmers, or those iconic sci-fi movies like Terminator or Back to the Future that spring to mind, not necessarily fantasy films, but believe it or not, the 80s were chock-full of fantasy flicks that have kind of fallen off the radar over the years.

This list of 25 lesser-known fantasy films from the 80s is like digging through a treasure chest in your attic, finding those hidden gems that maybe didn't get the spotlight back then but definitely deserve a second look now.

They're the kind of movies that brought to life everything from sword-wielding heroes and mystical creatures to enchanted lands that could only be dreamed up in the 80s, all with that unique blend of charm and cheesiness that the decade did so well.

While they might not have the cult following of some of the sci-fi giants of the era, these films are a reminder of a time when fantasy didn't need big budgets or CGI to capture our imaginations, just a good story, some creative costumes, and the kind of special effects that, okay, might look a bit dated now but were all part of the magic back then.