25 Best Whodunit Movies of All Time, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

25 Best Whodunit Movies of All Time, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes
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When it comes to whodunit movies, there's a kind of thrill that comes from trying to piece together the puzzle before the big reveal, and these top 25 films, ranked by Rotten Tomatoes, are the cream of the crop in turning viewers into armchair detectives.

They're the kind of movies that start off with a bang – sometimes literally – setting up a tangled web of clues, red herrings, and shady characters that have you second-guessing every alibi and motive.

These films, each can really be called a masterpiece in its own right, lead you through twists and turns that keep fans of the genre glued to the screen, trying to unravel the mystery before the protagonist does.

They blend suspense, intrigue, and often a touch of dark humor (Chris Evans in "Knives Out", anyone?), crafting stories that are about more than just figuring out who did it; they're about the journey you take through the narrative, one that's filled with unexpected detours and revelations that make you rethink every scene you've just watched.

So while you're watching these classics, remember that half the fun is getting caught up in the puzzle, trying to sift through the lies and deception to uncover the truth, all while enjoying some of the best storytelling the whodunit genre has to offer.