24 Historical Series on Netflix to Stream in January 2024

24 Historical Series on Netflix to Stream in January 2024
Image credit: Netflix

As the winter nights stretch long and the couch calls your name, these 24 series offer a ticket to times gone by – a journey through history with a twist, where every episode is like a page out of a book that's too good to put down, even if it's not quite the history your teacher taught you.

January 2024 is rolling out a buffet of 24 historical series on Netflix that are a blend of sometimes loosely historical, always entertaining watches, offering a smorgasbord that ranges from the sumptuous intrigue and romance of period dramas to the thrilling escapades set in historical backdrops, and even a dash of docuseries for those who like a sprinkle of reality in their viewing diet.

These series, while they might play fast and loose with the facts here and there, more than make up for it with storytelling that grabs you – think of them like those captivating tales your grandpa tells, where you're not sure what's true and what's a bit of creative license, but you're too engrossed to really care.

They're the kind that pull you into a world of corsets and swords, of whispered schemes in shadowy corridors, and adventures that might not be 100% textbook material but are 110% designed to keep you glued to your screen.